Developing a Function Scale for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer

The National Cancer Institute defines adolescence and young adulthood as ages 15 - 40. These years are full of challenges, transitions, choices and milestones related to education, employment, identity, relationships and family.

Researchers have found it difficult to measure this progress in young cancer patients because:
  • Development through adolescence and young adulthood changes rapidly
  • Each person’s cancer experience is unique
  • AYA cancers have distinctive disease characteristics
  • The indicators need to be measures over significant periods of time
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s AYA program has begun gathering information to assess adolescents and young adults who have cancer. Using medical literature searches, surveys and focus groups, we are gathering information from:
  • Scientific documents
  • Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and social workers who work with AYA patients with cancer
  • AYA cancer patients

This information will be used to create an assessment tool that can be further tested.