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Visiting Scholars

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Visiting Scholars is a program that has allowed faculty who wish to visit the OHSU School of Nursing and/or study with the School of Nursing faculty to arrange a visit based on a time-based fee structure. The length of stay may be from one (1) day to three (3) months and is negotiated between OHSU and the visitors based on the purpose of the visit. Faculty who wish to visit must have goals and objectives for the visit. A visit will be arranged if the School of Nursing can meet those goals and objectives. The application packets and fee structure guidelines are being revised and will be posted here when approved. 

All visiting scholar requests will be reviewed and assessed for feasibility through the Office of Student Affairs & Diversity. The Senior Associate Dean and staff will manage the coordination of scholars and assume responsibility for evaluating the request. The availability of School of Nursing resources needed to address the goals of potential visiting scholar candidates, including faculty sponsors, will be central to the process. The Office will coordinate details related to approved visits to ensure visiting scholar experiences are fulfilling and meet the expectations of all those involved. 


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