Comprehensive genomics services for research scientists and clinicians

The Integrated Genomics Laboratory, or IGL, is home to shared genomics technology resources and support services for structural and functional genomics studies at OHSU.  The IGL consists of three service centers: the Massively Parallel Sequencing Shared Resource, or MPSSR, the Gene Profiling Shared Resource, or GPSR, and the DNA Services Core.   Under the IGL structure, core leadership and staff are able to provide efficient, coordinated support to OHSU investigators from nucleic acid extraction to data generation and - with designated institutional support – to invest time in strategic resource development and a robust infrastructure.

The Integrated Genomics Lab is located on the 5th floor of Richard Jones Hall on OHSU Marquam Hill campus.

Meet our leadership team

Christina Harrington, Ph.D.
Director, Integrated Genomics
Research Associate Professor, Molecular & Medical Genetics
Director, Gene Profiling Shared Resource and DNA Services Core

Robert Searles, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Integrated Genomics
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology
Director, Massively Parallel Sequencing Shared Resource

Andrew Adey, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisor, Integrated Genomics Laboratory
Associate Professor of Molecular & Medical Genetics
Member, Knight Cancer Institute
Member, Knight Cardiovascular Institute
Member, Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center

IGL Staff
Integrated Genomics Laboratory staff - 2019


Facilitate research at OHSU by providing technologies, services, and expertise for genome-wide and targeted RNA and DNA analysis offered through a coordinated pipeline of services which can be accessed at whatever point researcher requires

IGL Workflow Diagram

For an overview of core assays and technologies, and for recent announcements, please visit the core homepages


News and Upcoming Events

Winter 2021 Integrated Genomics Laboratory Newsletter

Past Events

OCTRI Research Forum: Power and Sample Size 101

NanoString nCounter® webinar: Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

  • Overview of nCounter® technology, panels, customization options, and services available through the Gene Profiling Shared Resource. 
  • Please see the webinar recording for an overview of this technology and core services available.

OHSU Inaugural Epigenetics Symposium

  • On October 22nd  2020, the KCVI Epigenetics consortium at OHSU successfully hosted a virtual Inaugural Epigenetics symposium. 
  • For details on the symposium's recordings, organizers, and event sponsors, please see the event's webpage.

We provide a coordinated pipeline of services which can be accessed at whatever point the researcher requires. Our services include in depth consultation, nucleic acid extraction, bulk and single cell sequencing, targeted gene analyses, and data processing and QC.

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