DNA Services Core

The DNA Services Core is a unit of the Integrated Genomics Laboratory and is located on OHSU Marquam Hill Campus in Richard Jones Hall, room 5330. We work closely with the Massively Parallel Sequencing Shared Resource and the Gene Profiling Shared Resource to provide support and services, from specimen processing through data generation.

Please acknowledge support from the core in publications and presentations. See suggested text below.

Core information

Services we offer

  • Human cell line authentication: Accurate authentication of human cell lines using STR analysis and meeting the ANSI/ATCC requirements
  • Oligo synthesis: Creation of custom primers and probes for oligo and siRNA synthesis through Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)
  • DNA quantification: Quantification, size and quality assessment of DNA samples
  • DNA normalization and plating: Plating support for sample dilution and standardization for downstream assays
  • Consulting: For project design and sample preparation assistance

Request services

To request services through the DNA Services Core, go to the iLab website.  For consultations, please contact Trevor McFarland at mcfarlat@ohsu.edu

If you have any questions or need further information about the services we offer, please contact Trevor McFarland at mcfarlat@ohsu.edu 

Acknowledgements and co-authorship:

When presenting and publishing results from projects processed by the DNA Services Core, inclusion of the following statement is appreciated:

"STR profiling for human cell line authentication was performed in the OHSU DNA Services Core; this work utilized a 3730xl DNA Analyzer purchased with funding from NIH SIG grant S10 OD010609"


"Capillary electrophoresis DNA sequencing was performed in the OHSU DNA Services Core using a 3730xl DNA Analyzer purchased with funding from NIH SIG grant S10 OD010609"


Important Updates!

Sanger sequencing services have moved to Vollum Sequencing Core

As of July 1st 2018, the DNA Services Core will no longer be supporting Sanger sequencing. Ongoing services utilizing capillary electrophoresis for DNA sequencing will be available through the Vollum Sequencing Core. The DNA Services Core will continue to provide cell line authentication service and support for oligo synthesis.

Single Cell Analysis
To learn about single cell analysis and available core resources, please go to the
University Shared Resources program website.

December 2018 IGL newsletter

For updates on staff announcements and service center activities, please see the December 2018 IGL newsletter.

Assays and technologies

  • We currently offer a human cell line authentication (CLA) service that uses Promega's GenePrint® 10 system to confirm the identity of human cell lines through short tandem repeat (STR) analysis and to detect the presence of cell line contaminants. 

    • This service provides co-amplification and detection of 9 STR loci, including Amelogenin (gender determining locus), and can amplify DNA with inputs of 10ng.
    • Cell line authentication flyer
  • DNA oligo synthesis: There is an easy-to-use web ordering portal through Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) that enables customers to create custom primers and probes for oligo and siRNA synthesis with excellent prices. With this portal you will be able to:
    • Eliminate purchase orders and be invoiced directly through iLab
    • Conduct cost-effective experiments with better pricing and free standard shipping
    • Begin projects sooner with next-day delivery on standard desalted oligos

Major equipment

  • Nanodrop 1000 and 8000 Spectrophotometers
  • ThermoFisher Scientific Veriti Thermal Cyclers
  • Eppendorf epMotion 5075 Liquid Handling Robot for sample and reagent aliquoting, and sample normalization and plating
  • Suite of custom and commercial software for data QA/QC and analysis
  • Access to ABI DNA Analyzer

Frequently viewed

Cell line validation service

For Massively Parallel Sequencing requests, please go to the homepage of our sister Core facility, MPSSR.

For assistance with DNA/RNA isolations and other molecular profiling assays, please visit the GPSR homepage