Understanding Cancer in Oregon

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The Understanding Cancer in Oregon project aims to understand the cancer-related needs of Oregonians.

Who can join?

Public survey: Anyone living in Oregon age 18 or older may take the public survey

Household-specific survey: 15,000 specially-selected households across the state received a letter, postcard or email invitation to participate in the project from the Knight Cancer Institute. Postcard/letter recipients should take the household-specific survey by entering their household's unique code (such as x3456). 

What can I expect?

You will complete a 15-minute survey that asks about your health behaviors, knowledge of cancer screening, access to healthcare, and other demographic information. There is no cost to join. Participation does not include cancer screening or treatment.

Choose to take the survey in either English or Spanish.


Our goal is to learn more about behaviors and lifestyles of Oregonians that may impact cancer risk, the burden of cancer, and cancer care in Oregon. The results will help the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute focus its efforts on the specific cancer-related needs of Oregonians.

How do I benefit from joining the Oregon-wide health study?

You may not directly benefit from joining this study, but you will help the Knight Cancer Institute better understand cancer related behaviors, respond to Oregonians' cancer needs and improve our community outreach and health/cancer information education. 

Who is running the project?

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute researcher, Jackilen Shannon, Ph.D., M.P.H., is overseeing the Understanding Cancer in Oregon project.


Contact our team at UCanOregon@ohsu.edu.

Help us understand the cancer-related needs of Oregonians.

PUBLIC survey

Open to all Oregonians age 18 and older.

HOUSEHOLD-specific survey

Take this survey only if your household received a mailing with a unique code.

Contact us

Email our team at: