OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Help Raise Funds for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

There are many ways to raise money in support of the Knight Cancer Institute. Start by creating a personal page for your fundraiser or by organizing a fundraising event.

Fundraising ideas for your personal page

An Honor or Memorial
Honor someone special by raising support for cancer research or care.

Personal Occasion
Celebrate any occasion – a birthday, wedding, anniversary or birth – and donate a gift.

From a walk-a-thon to marathon, bike rides or a tennis tournament, create your own cancer fundraiser.

Use your imagination
Be inventive – shave your head, grow a beard, give up smoking, do nothing…your choice!

How to create a fundraising page

  1. Go to the First Giving web site
  2. Click the “Start Fundraising” button
  3. Select the event that best fits what you are doing, continue to navigate through the set up process 
  4. Set up your profile and share it by email and with friends on social media 

Organize a fundraising event

Are you thinking of creating a fundraising event for OHSU Knight Cancer Institute? Events can be a fun, creative and effective way to raise awareness of and provide valuable financial contributions to the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and its programs. Thank you in advance for your efforts and your support.

How to organize a fundraising event for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Choose the best type of fundraiser for you — one that fits the size, strengths, and interests of you and your group.  Remember, an event that is fun to plan and carry out and enjoyable for all, is more likely to succeed. 

  1. Review our fundraising guidelines
  2. Submit your proposal for approval.
  3. Now the fun of designing, organizing and holding an event truly begins.