Clinical Trials Education

Image collage includes cancer cells, a scientist in a lab and a doctor talking with a patient

Clinical trials are research studies designed to improve health and quality of life across the cancer continuum

According to the National Institutes of Health, clinical trials could include studies about behavior or lifestyle choices (cancer prevention/physical activity/nutrition), early detection of disease (new blood or microbiome tests), screening (timing of mammograms, lung cancer screening, pap tests), disease treatment (new drugs or combination of drugs) and even things like answering questions on a survey. Our team would like to tell you more about what a clinical trial is, the myths about clinical trials and what questions you need to ask your healthcare team when thinking about joining a clinical trial.

An educational opportunity for Oregon cancer patients, their family members, and caregivers

Our research study about clinical trials education is for anyone affected by cancer. This includes cancer patients, their family members, and caregivers of patients, in order to help everyone understand what participating in a clinical trial means.


Eligible participants will be compensated for completion of the pre and post surveys. Must be an Oregon resident to participate or receive a gift card.

What's required?

We ask participants to complete four steps outlined below:

Description Time commitment
1. Complete a short pre-education survey. 5 minutes
2. Watch a short educational video about clinical trials. 10 minutes
3. Ask questions if you choose to have a Community Health Educator present the material. 15-20 minutes
4. Complete a short post-education survey. 10-15 minutes

Please note, commitment times are approximate. Individual times may vary.

We offer our educational program in the following ways: 

  • Live presentations to small groups. Due to COVID-19, all presentations are currently virtual. 
  • Individual appointments with our Community Health Education team. 
  • Self-directed online module.  

Interested in participating?

Contact us at or 503-418-9698 to learn more or schedule a presentation from our team. 

Contact us to learn more

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