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Developmental Pediatrics

Jenny Wilson, a pediatric neurologist at OHSU, talks with a child and adult in an exam room.
Dr. Jenny Wilson and other members of OHSU’s developmental pediatrics team help children who have conditions that affect their ability to learn.

Our developmental pediatrics team provides expert evaluation and diagnosis for children with brain and spinal cord (neurodevelopmental) disorders.

We can also help with other conditions that affect a child’s ability to learn.

Our team, part of OHSU’s Child Development and Rehabilitation Center, offers:

  • Oregon’s largest program with team care for complex developmental needs.
  • A full evaluation that includes interviews, observation and tests to look for the causes of any issues.
  • Specialists with experience diagnosing babies, children and teens.
  • Services based on the latest research on brain development.

Our expertise

Neurodevelopmental disorders are problems with the brain and spinal cord that affect your child’s ability to learn, speak and play. We have training and experience in:


We spend time with you and your child to learn your child’s medical history and to do a full medical exam.

You may meet with specialists who include:

  • Developmental pediatricians or psychologists, who use games and other activities to see how your child thinks and talks.
  • Audiologists, to test hearing.
  • Occupational therapists, for skills used in play, school and work.
  • Physical therapists, for motor skills, strength, posture and balance.
  • Speech-language pathologists, for communication and language.

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Our team takes part in these clinics.

Autism Clinic: For babies, children and teens who have autism characteristics and behaviors.

Child Development Clinic: For children and teens with developmental conditions.

Developmental Evaluation Clinic: For children up to age 3 who:

  • Have neurological conditions.
  • Were born early.
  • Had a low birth weight.
  • Had heart surgery.
  • Had other intensive care.

LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities) Clinic: Mostly for children ages 6 to 18 who have:

  • Learning, thinking or speech delays.
  • Problems in school.
  • Behavior problems.
  • Social/emotional concerns.
  • Trouble with motor skills.

The OHSU LEND Program is part of a national network to improve the health of children with neurodevelopmental and related disorders.

Neurodevelopmental Clinic: For children and teens with known or suspected developmental and/or learning problems, sometimes linked to physical or mobility disorders. Patients we see here have conditions that include:

Genetic counseling

Our board-certified geneticists and genetic counselors explain how a genetic condition can affect your family. They help you decide whether to do genetic tests.


At the end of your visit, our team gives you a diagnosis and creates a custom plan to share with your child’s doctor and other providers. We may suggest:

  • One or more treatments.
  • Medications to look into.
  • School support.

We may help connect you to specialists in:

We can help you learn how to support your child by:

  • Asking for accommodations at school, such as extra time for tests and preferred seats in class.
  • Getting help with autism.
  • Learning to use assistive technology.


Our specialists are also scientists who want to better understand conditions that affect a child’s ability to learn.

Our research interests include:

  • How children who are born prematurely grow and learn.
  • How children adjust to trauma and loss.
  • Autism spectrum disorder.
  • Attention disorders, such as ADHD.

Our team