A female pediatric resident smiling while standing in front of a research poster that she is presenting.

Integral to the mission of the OHSU Department of Pediatrics is to improve child health through multiple avenues of inquiry, including research and quality improvement.  The residency program has chosen to emphasize scholarly work on childhood disease as a priority for its residents.

Residents participate in longitudinal curriculum that introduces them to the many domains and logistics of scholarship, including data collection and processing, grant writing, database management, project planning, evidence review, and manuscript preparation. With increased exposure and opportunities to network with a variety of mentors, our aim is that over the course of three years residents will complete meaningful projects that have a lasting impact on child health and align with a resident’s professional goals.

Presentations at local and national meetings is encouraged. Local opportunities to disseminate scholarly work include small group workshops, institutional conferences, and a departmental research night. Residents are supported to attend national meetings with individual travel funds and department-wide travel grants.

Selection of recent projects completed by residents


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