Pediatric Residency Diversity and Inclusion

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The OHSU Pediatric Residency Program is dedicated to being an organization diverse in people and ideas. We work hard to ensure that we are recruiting a diverse, culturally humble learning community and workforce. In doing so, we ensure that we build a team in which the power of difference maximizes true potential for innovation, collaboration, and excellence. We continue to strive to recruit a diverse pediatric workforce to reflect the demographic that we hope to serve.

Our residency program is dedicated to creating a culture of openness and acceptance and we embrace what makes each individual uniquely them. We celebrate each resident by virtue of their diversity related to race, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, abilities, sexual orientation and gender identity.

We uphold our responsibility to reduce the disparities in healthcare for all patients. Our residency includes specific trainings that target cultural sensitivity, bystander responsibilities, and unconscious bias to combat prejudices and racism. As pediatricians, we uphold optimizing children’s lives by continually fighting against structural and internalized racism that affects our patients’ and their families’ lives. With our day to day practices and advocacy efforts on both a state and national level, we strive for equitable care and social justice.

Pediatric Resident Diversity Committee

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The Pediatric Resident Diversity Committee is an initiative of the OHSU Pediatric Residency Program led by the residents. Our diversity committee includes members of varying race/ethnicities, members of the LGBTQ community and their allies, international medical graduates, residents who have children, non-traditional residents, and all who have an interest in promoting diversity.

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The committee holds social events to foster community, plans educational noon conferences focusing on cultural humility, and participates in recruitment to continue to promote diversity within our residency. Our belief is that by promoting diversity within our program, we can better serve our patients and communities. The committee maintains a list of individuals within the OHSU community who self-identify as having a diverse background and want to be listed as a resource for applicants. After interviewing, applicants receive contacts for many of these individuals. Should you have questions, want contacts in advance, or would like additional information about the OHSU Pediatric Resident Diversity Committee, please contact our Program Director Megan Aylor.

Helpful resources:

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

The OHSU Center for Diversity and Inclusion has a tremendous amount of resources for both prospective and current residents. OHSU has taken institutional action to promote diversity, culminating in the OHSU Diversity Action Plan that fully integrates OHSU's topmost goals in its every day operations.

Department of Pediatrics Diversity Program for Visiting Students

The Diversity Program for Visiting Students is available for any fourth-year medical student interested in pursuing an away rotation in pediatrics at OHSU, usually for rotations during July, August, or September. Competitive applicants will have demonstrated personal experience or interest in diversity, health disparities, or serving underrepresented population in addition to one of the following: grew up in a rural community, are part of an underrepresented minority group, or have experienced significant disadvantage or adversity. Please contact the program coordinator for more information and application materials for the next recruitment cycle.

Northwest Native American Center of Excellence

The Northwest Native American Center of Excellence at Oregon Health & Science University aims to comprehensively and sustainably address the healthcare needs of all people by increasing Native American voice in the U.S. health professions workforce. We work together with this center to recruit, train, and retain American Indians and Alaska Natives into the health professions. If you are a prospective applicant and interested in learning more about this resource, please contact Dr. Allison Empey.