Meet Our Residents

A group photo of OHSU's Pediatric Residency Program at their annual retreat at the Oregon Coast.
A man in a rowboat on a lake with mountains in the background.

Patrick Hogan (he/him)
Undergraduate: University of Chicago 
Medical School: Rush University 
Interests: Hiking/camping, skiing, running, piano playing, board and video games

A woman smiling lying on her stomach next to a golden retriever dog.

Ana Van Meurs (she/her)
Undergraduate: Brown University 
Medical School: Brown University 
Interests: Hiking, kayaking, skiing, exploring new neighborhoods, attempting (and failing) to take my cats for a walk like a Portlander

A man and a woman taking a selfie while on a hike.

Will Wurster (he/him)
Undergraduate: Rhodes College 
Medical School: University of Kansas 
Interests: Sports - big NBA fan, go blazers! Outdoor activities - backpacking, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, skiing

The PGY-2 Pediatric Residency Class outside with the ocean in the background.
A man and a woman smiling at a wedding reception.

Andrew Arndt (he/him)Rising Chief Resident
Undergraduate: Washington State University (Go Cougs!) 
Medical School: OHSU 
Interests: Intramural sports, board games, snowboarding and singing in the car

A professional photo of male pediatric resident.

Adrian Banerji (he/him)
Undergraduate: Tufts University 
Medical School: State University of New York, Downstate 
Interests: Ultimate Frisbee

A woman smiling sitting on a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch on a sunny day.

Laura Burbach (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin - Madison 
Medical School: Penn State College of Medicine 
Interests: Volleyball, tennis, golf, biking, camping, hiking, cooking, reading

A man carrying a baby while on a hike in the woods.

Alex Burford (he/him)
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin Madison  
Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health 
Interests: Attending musicals, hiking/ camping, watching the NBA, and trying new foods!

A woman posing at the beach on a sunny day.

Olivia Charlier (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Medical School: University of Colorado 
Interests: Playing outside with friends, sunshine, dancing, music

A woman smiling while on a hike in the woods.

Frances Chiang (she/her)
Undergraduate: Georgia Tech 
Graduate: Boston University School of Medicine 
Medical School: AT Still University - School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona 
Interests: biking, hiking, going to new restaurants and trying all the boba places in town

A woman with her arm wrapped around a dog outside, both smiling.

Savannah Coe (she/her)
Undergraduate: Fordham University 
Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University 
Interests: I love all the outdoor activities easily found around Portland including hiking, running, kayaking, skiing, and biking. When I'm not outdoors, I love visiting local breweries and wineries with friends!

A woman with her baby on a hike.

Tate Correll (she/her)Rising Chief Resident
Undergraduate: Colorado State University  
Medical School: Rocky Vista University  
Interests: Yoga, skiing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, hanging out with my husband and son!

A woman on a hike on a sunny day.

Mackenzie Deane (she/her)Rising Chief Resident
Undergraduate: Pacific Lutheran University 
Medical School: OHSU 
Interests: Hiking, watching and playing sports (go thorns!), spending time outside, spending time with family and friends, eating lots of yummy food, and drinking coffee

A woman and a man smiling while riding the OHSU Tram, with Portland visible in the background.

Christine Dinh (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of California at Berkeley 
Medical School: University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine 
Interests: LGBTQ+ health, cooking / baking, spending time with husband Marcus, reading, music, cute things, board games, Stardew Valley, Zelda, anime

A woman smiling while on a hike.

Karen Fryefield (she/her)
Undergraduate: Smith College 
Medical School: OHSU 
Interests: Singing, playing board games, swimming outdoors, backpacking, solving puzzles.

A man with his baby strapped to his back going on a walk outside.

Rob McRae (he/him)
Undergraduate: Saint Mary's College of California 
Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine 
Interests: Backpacking, fishing, golf

A woman and a man outside smiling with the Oregon coast in the background.

Lori Morgan (she/her)
Undergraduate: Illinois Wesleyan University 
Graduate: The Cleveland Institute of Music 
Medical School: Indiana University 
Interests: Being outside, DIY projects around the house, cello, visiting fun Portland shops, ginger beer

A woman dressed warmly and smiling while on a hike up a mountain.

Katie Sacotte (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin 
Medical School: Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine 
Interests: Rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, baking, and hanging with friends.

A woman smiling while watching a busy street.

Caitlin Sawyer (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of California San Diego 
Medical School: University of Washington 
Interests: Watercolor, thrift shopping, hanging with my 2 dogs and 2 cats, Art in Medicine, being silly with my husband, nice people, pretty outdoors, positive vibes

A woman, a man and their dog posing in front of a waterfall while on a hike.

Hannah Yerxa (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Connecticut 
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine 
Interests: Hiking, cooking, eating, reading, and spending time outside

The PGY-1 Pediatric Residency Class outside at tables in a courtyard, all wearing scrubs.
A woman crouching down next to her dog at the beach.

Olivia Bagot (she/her)
Undergraduate: UC Davis 
Medical School: UC Davis School of Medicine 
Interests: Crossfit, board games (winning board games), hiking, watching Real Housewives

A woman in her graduation gown lying on the ground hugging her dog.

Carlee Beckler (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame 
Medical School: Keck SOM of USC 
Interests: running, hiking, camping, biking, cooking, picnics, happy hours, collecting succulents, searching for the best chocolate croissant in Portland, LA Dodgers, Cleveland Browns

A man pointing up to a sign while on a hike.

Jason Blanks (he/him)
Undergraduate: University of Puget Sound 
Medical School: UC Davis School of Medicine 
Interests: Rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, backpacking, yoga, baking, desperately trying to keep my houseplants alive, transgender care, critical care, medical education

A man smiling while on a hike with mountains and hillsides in the background.

Ethan Canty (he/him)
Undergraduate: Dartmouth College 
Medical School: Penn State College of Medicine 
Interests: Nature, the outdoors, exploring new restaurants, finding great shows to watch, traveling abroad, hanging out with the awesome peds residents, playing volleyball, kayaking and paddle boarding, taking care of my houseplants, working out, and trying all of the new monthly flavors at Salt & Straw! Global health, public health, hospitalist medicine, PICU

A man smiling while sitting on the ground with his arm around a dog.

Aaron Davis (he/him)
Undergraduate: Drake University 
University of Kansas School of Medicine 
Interests: Reading, watching movies, playing video games, playing music, and trying new recipes

A woman posing on a blow-up unicorn at her birthday party with balloons all over the ground.

Joanna "Jo" Galindo (she/her)
Undergraduate: UCLA 
Graduate: Boston University 
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine 
Interests: Cooking, coffee, film, and donuts

A woman and a man smiling while on a hike, with the ocean in the background.

Meredith Haag (she/her)
Undergraduate: College of William and Mary 
Graduate: OHSU/PSU School of Public Health (MD/MPH) 
Medical School: OHSU 
Interests: I love to cook and stay up-to-date on the new restaurants and exciting food happenings in Portland. I enjoy staying active by resistance training, hiking and trail running in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and doing yoga.

A woman with her hands on her hips smiling while at an outdoor event.

Karina Mehta (she/her)
Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis 
Graduate: Tulane SPHTM 
Medical School: Tulane University SOM 
Interests: Dogs, skiing, hiking, trying new restaurants/bars, getting 8 hours of sleep

A woman with her arm wrapped around a man smiling while on a hike in the mountains with their dog.

Paul Mitchell (he/him)
Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey  
Medical School: University of Virginia School of Medicine 
Interests: Hiking with my dog, bouldering, running, movies, science fiction, board games, bird-watching

A woman taking a selfie while on a hike with the ocean in the background.

Kara Mossler (she/her)
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley 
Medical School: Georgetown University SOM 
Interests: skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, soccer, hiking, traveling, piano, Javanese gamelan, trying to copy Great British Baking Show recipes

A woman sitting on her front steps hugging her dog.

Rachael Mullin (she/her)
Undergraduate: UCLA 
Graduate: Touro University California (M.S.) 
Medical School: Touro University California COM 
Interests: Hiking, interior decorating, swimming, anything animal related, and excessively buying new plants

A woman smiling holding up a baby.

Claire Natsios (she/her)
Undergraduate: California Polytechnic State University 
Medical School: University of Queensland - Ochsner School of Medicine 
Interests: Practicing yoga, exploring new hiking trails, wine tasting, and skiing

A woman posing with her hand out to give the impression that she is holding a buffalo that is sitting down off in the distant background.

Joanna Odenthal (she/her)
Undergraduate: College of William & Mary 
Medical School: University of Virginia 
Interests: Hiking, travel, food and scoping out the best dairy-free ice cream in Portland

A woman smiling while sitting down holding a cupcake.

Janani Rajkumar (she/her)
Undergraduate: Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute 
Medical School: Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute 
Interests: Dance, Yoga, Hiking

A woman crouching down posing next to her dog while on a hike with a mountain in the background.

Zina Stavitsky (she/her)
Undergraduate: Emory University 
Medical School: University of Nevada, Reno 
Interests: Climbing, biking, backpacking, baking bread, walks with my dog Mimsy

A woman smiling while out at a restaurant holding up a burger.

Anja Tjaden (she/her)
Undergraduate: Seattle University 
Medical School: University of Washington 
Interests: Spending time with my dog and husband, surfing on the Oregon coast, eating my way through Portland’s food cart scene, hiking with my co-residents!

A woman crouching down smiling while on a hike in the mountains.

Doris Valenzuela-Araujo (she/her)
Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University 
Medical School: OHSU 
Interests: Making desserts, traveling, visiting family, trying new restaurants, spending time outside

A woman smiling while on a hike with mountains and a river in the background

Kimberly Vidmar (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Medical School: University of Wisconsin SOM 
Interests: Hiking, running, hanging out with my pup (Kona)

A woman, man and their dog smiling while on a walk with a river and mountain in the background.

Mandy Wolf (she/her)
Undergraduate: Arizona State University 
Medical School: Rocky Vista University 
Interests: Backpacking, skiing, mountain biking

The PGY-1 Pediatric Residency Class outside standing with trees behind them.
A woman sitting on top of a mountain smiling while on a hike.

Zayna Bakizada (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: George Washington University
Interests: being outdoors, hiking, biking, live music, discovering new music and making playlists

A woman smiling with a frozen lake and snowy mountains behind her.

Olivia Brasher (she/her)
Undergraduate: Hendrix College
Medical School: University of Arkansas
Interests: Traveling, baking (and eating) sourdough, hiking, finding new outdoor adventures, board game nights, exploring all the Portland neighborhoods!

A woman and a man smiling on a sunny day with the ocean behind them.

Andrea Chobrustkiy (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of South Florida
Medical School: University of South Florida
Interests: Hiking, baking, board games, web design, coffee

A professional photo of Pediatric resident Claire Conrad.

Claire Conrad (she/her)
Undergraduate: UCLA
Medical School: USC
Interests: bluegrass music, yoga, nature

A woman smiling while on a hike with trees behind her and snow on the ground.

Lucia Covert (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Medical School: University of Wisconsin
Interests: Hiking/camping anywhere with trees, mountains, and sunshine, kayaking, finding new patio restaurants/bars, and gardening. I also love painting and cheese (specifically Wisconsin cheddar)

A woman sitting on the beach smiling with a little dog in her lap.

Kayla Erspamer (she/her)
Undergraduate: Whitman College
Medical School: OHSU
Interests: reading, board games, meditating, swimming, trying new restaurants, going to the Oregon Coast, hanging out with my nieces and nephew, and spending time with my puppy, Luna.

A young woman smiling holding a wide-eyed cat.

Madeleine Geisheker (she/her)
Undergraduate: UC San Diego
Graduate: University of Washington (genome sciences), Ph.D.
Medical School: University of Washington
Interests: snuggling with my cat and my fiancé, skiing, weightlifting, sushi, music festivals, time with my family

A woman sitting down smiling in her wedding dress.

Hannah Grierson (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Oregon
Graduate: University of Minnesota
Medical School: Rush Medical College
Interests: Playing with my two dogs, hiking/camping, traveling, experimenting in the kitchen, exploring Oregon's epic beer, wine, and food scenes, and quality time with friends and family

A man in a suit smiling while standing on a balcony with a cityscape behind him.

Kevin Kron (he/him)
Undergraduate: Tufts University
Medical School: New York Medical College
Interests: Rock climbing, basketball, tennis, hiking, skiing, swimming, floating, video games, happy hours, concerts/live music, Portland Trail Blazers

A woman and a man smiling holding skis in front of a lake with mountains in the background.

Hayden Leeds (he/him)
Undergraduate: Washing University in St Louis
Medical School: OHSU
Interests: Triathlon, fly-fishing, tennis, skiing (Telemark and cross country), hiking, exploring all of the amazing things the PNW has to offer!

A woman smiling while on a hike with a river gorge behind her.

Erin Madison (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Oregon
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School
Interests: Cooking and making up recipes, hiking, camping, backpacking, dancing, playing with my cat, trying all the IPAs, Crossfit

A photo of a woman and a man posing with their dog in between them, all seemingly smiling.

Blaire Mallahan (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Medical School: Rocky Vista University
Interests: Skiing, mountain biking, eating ice cream, playing volleyball, enthusiastically cheering for University of Michigan sports, and spending time with my husband and dog

A woman smiling while standing in front of a door.

Laura McWhirter (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Colorado- Boulder
Medical School: University of Colorado School of Medicine
Interests: Reading, spending time in nature, hiking, exploring new coffee shops, cooking, knitting, travel

A woman smiling while on a hike with Crater Lake behind her.

Alex Mechler-Hickson (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Interests: I’m a fan of rock climbing, running, and hiking. When not playing outside, I can be found assembling charcuterie boards, trying new breweries with friends, knitting hats poorly, and attempting to find blue moon ice cream in Portland!

A woman smiling holding her toddler.

Alyssa Penning (she/her)
Undergraduate: Loyola University, Chicago
Medical School: Indiana University
Interests: I enjoy good food, hiking, reading, board games, discussing people's passions, and adventures of all types—I’m into any chance to experience or learn something new!

A family portrait of a wife and her husband holding their baby and toddler.

Boone Rhinehart (he/him)
Undergraduate: Northwest Nazarene University
Medical School: Pacific Northwest University
Interests:  Baking bread, Crossfit, zumba dancing, bartending, graphic design, sleeping

A selfie of a woman with scenic green hills behind her.

Kaitlyn Simmons (she/her)
Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
Graduate: University of Arizona (MD/MPH)
Medical School: University of Arizona - Phoenix
Interests: Spending time with my dog (Rori), exploring new restaurants/breweries/wineries, traveling, caffeine, anything chocolate, playing the flute, movies, board games, reading (preferably on the beach), Notre Dame Football

A man standing and smiling on a sunny day.

Omar Tayh (he/him)
Undergraduate: University of Iowa
Medical School: Touro University Nevada
Interests: Weightlifting, hiking, cooking, trying new foods!

A photo of a woman smiling with her hands on her hips while on a hike.

Austen Yeager (she/her)
Undergraduate: Carleton College
Graduate: Linköping University, Sweden
Medical School: OHSU
Interests: Skiing, backpacking, climbing, cooking, chai lattes, dogs, traveling, musicals, audible books


Chelsea Banks, General Pediatrics (Alaska)

Brittany Bassitt, General Pediatrics (Kaiser)

Kelsie Bond, Acute Care Pediatrics (Oregon)

Shira Einstein, General Pediatrics (Sea Mar Vancouver Medical Clinic, OR)

Callia Elkhal, General Pediatrics (Oregon)

Jordan Frei, General Pediatrics (Utah)

Mackinnon Garret, Pediatric Neurology (OHSU)

Patrick Hogan, Chief Resident (OHSU)

Zachary Hutchinson, Pediatric Cardiology (UC San Francisco, CA)

Kelsie Ige, Allergy & Immunology/Pediatrics (UC San Francisco, CA)

Sainabou Jallow, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (U Washington)

Kamyron Jordan, Pediatric Pulmonology (U Colorado)

Cassandra Loren, General Pediatrics (Kaiser)

Bridget O’Connell-Long, Hospitalist (AZ)

Christina Rufener, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (UC San Diego, CA)

Oresta Rule, General Pediatrics (Wisconsin)

Andrew Steinfeldt, Pediatric Urgent Care Fellowship (Phoenix Children’s Hospital)

Annalise Van Meurs, Chief Resident (OHSU)

William Wurster, Chief Resident (OHSU)


Nisha Baliga, General Pediatrics (Metro Pediatrics, OR)

Matthew Beaver, Pediatric Cardiology (University of Utah)

Jesse Goldfarb, General Pediatrics (Evergreen Pediatrics, WA)

Rigoberto Hernandez, General Pediatrics (Evergreen Pediatrics, WA)

Terry Kho, Medical Genetics (OHSU)

Jennifer Lane, Pediatric Hospitalist (OHSU)

Bruce Leewiwatanakul, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)

Michelle Lin, General Pediatrics (North Carolina)

Rachna Mamidi, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (OHSU)

Christena McBride, Pediatric Critical Care (Medical College of Wisconsin)

Molly McCoy, General Pediatrics (Metro Pediatrics, OR)

Katherine Phelps, Pediatric Critical Care (Emory)

Amelia Priesthoff, General Pediatrics (Kaiser Permanente, OR)

Kathryn Virk, Pediatric Cardiology (University of Washington)

Chelsea Welsh, General Pediatrics (Olympia, WA)

Erin Yee, General Pediatrics (Kaiser Permanente, VA)


Aaron Clem, Pediatric Cardiology (University of Nebraska)  

Nancy Chen, General Pediatrics (Oregon City)  

Morgan Cunningham, General Pediatrics (Riverside, California)  

Claire Fraley, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (University of Colorado)  

Heather Gardiner, Locums in Oregon  

Emily Houchen-Wise, General Pediatrics (Metro Pediatrics Westside, OR)  

Beth Krautscheid, General Pediatrics (Hillsboro Pediatrics, OR)  

Natalie Lanocha, Pediatric Palliative Care (OHSU)  

Jen Makrides, Adolescent Medicine (Johns Hopkins)

Sasha Ondusko, Neonatology (OHSU)

Ali O'Neill, Pediatric Endocrinology (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)  

Tina Ramo, Neonatology (University of Colorado)  

Kathryn Stockbower, Sports Medicine (University of Colorado)  

Mina Tahai, Hospitalist (Davis, CA)  

Jim Walston, Hospitalist (Minneapolis)  

Stephen Wanta, General Pediatrics (Kaiser in Beaverton, OR)


Dana Angelos, General Pediatrics (Bend, OR)

Marica Baleilevuka-Hart, Pediatric Cardiology (OHSU)

Sam Bircher, Neonatology (University of Utah)

Hannah Canty, Pediatric Critical Care (Stanford)

David Dorsa, General Pediatrics

Colin Fisher, Hospitalist (University of Colorado)

Beau Gilmore, General Pediatrics (Bend, OR)

Caitlyn Iverson, General Pediatrics (Kaiser in Portland, OR)

Monica Luttrell, Pediatric Emergency Medicine (OHSU)

Mayme Marshall, Pediatric Cardiology (OHSU)

Kyle Pronko, Hospitalist (Milwaukee, WI)

Elizabeth Sinclair, Gastroenterology (Emory)

Ravi Vamsee, Pediatric Cardiology (University of Texas Southwestern)

Laura Waagmeester, Pediatric Emergency Medicine (OHSU)

Laura Wood, General Pediatrics (Legacy in Portland, OR)

Rebecca Zabel, General Pediatrics (Oakland, CA)


Catherine Caruso, Neonatology (OHSU)

Erik Frandsen, Cardiology (University of Washington)

Karen Heisler, Outpatient Care (Salem, OR)

Aimee Janesky, Hospitalist (Portland, OR)

Cate Kent, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)

Laurel Hoffmann, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)

Carol McFarland, Cardiology (University of Utah)

Nicki Nabavizadeh, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)

Kellee Parker, Hematology Oncology (OHSU)

Erin Perkey, Hospitalist (Salem, OR)

Kirsten Reinecke, Sleep Medicine (North Carolina)

Katelyn Saarela, Gastroenterology (Stanford University)

Jason Soh, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)

Maria Velazquez-Campbell, Hospitalist (New Mexico)

Jessica Marsh, Outpatient Care, Colorado


Abbie Bauer, Nephrology (University of Washington)

Amanda Burrage, CDC EIS Fellow (CDC-Atlanta)

Antwon Chavis, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)

Katie Cotterell, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)

Matt Dietz, Hematology-Oncology (OHSU)

Allison Empey, General Pediatrics (OHSU), Deputy Director of the Northwest Native American Center of Excellence

Megan Furnari, NICU Hospitalist (OHSU and SW Washington)

Ben Gern, Infectious Disease (University of Washington)

Lauren Kilgore, Outpatient Care (Salem, OR)

Jill Sanford, Sleep Medicine (OHSU)

Alicia Sauter, Outpatient Care (Hillsboro, OR)

Michael Sethi, Outpatient Care (Chicago, IL)

Christina Swanson, Allergy/Immunology (University of Washington)

Jenn Tsai, Hematology/Oncology (Stanford)

Casey Ward, Neonatology (UCSD)


Lucy Amory, Outpatient Care (Westbrook, ME)

Julia Carr, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)

Andy Cave, Cardiology (OHSU)

Paco Corbalan, Outpatient Care (Middlebury, VT)

Kate Cronkhite, Outpatient Care (Vancouver, WA)

Paul Goodwin, Outpatient Care (Vancouver, WA)

Theresa Graif, PICU (OHSU)

Michael Jones, Hospital Medicine (Eugene, OR)

Brenna Lewis, Outpatient Care (Wenatchee, WA)

Courtney McGirr, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)

Lane Miller, Hematology/Oncology (Emory)

Tanvi Mukundan, Sleep Medicine (OHSU)

Lauren Sandefur, Outpatient Care (Zambia)

Sara Taub, Palliative Care (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)

Rachel Westerfield, Outpatient Care (Bellingham, WA)

Leah Yieh, Neonatology (OHSU)

For more information or if you have any questions, please email us at: