What to Expect When You Call For a PANDA Transport

When you call for a PANDA transport

  • Our Emergency Communications Center will place you on a recorded line with the PICU/NICU attending physician who will assist you in arranging the transport.
  • Our attending physician is available 24 hours a day by telephone to initiate, triage, and provide medical direction for each transport.
  • Our attending physician will work with you to answer any pre-transport questions regarding patient diagnosis and the necessity for transport to Doernbecher.
  • You will be instructed as to the required patient transfer forms, which must accompany your patient during transport.

During and after a PANDA transport

  • While our team is en route, our attending physician is always available for questions or updates on the child's medical condition.
  • When we arrive at your facility, we work in concert with you and your staff to rapidly stabilize your patient for return transport.
  • Our medical management goal is to provide tertiary intensive care on transport equivalent to that received in either the NICU or PICU.
  • When possible, we may allow one parent to accompany their child on the return trip.
  • We will contact you with an update on your patient within 24 hours of their arrival.

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