A man and a woman smiling taking a selfie with a waterfall in the background.

Why OHSU? I chose OHSU for the people, the location, and the incredible opportunities for autonomy and growth. I continue to be amazed by the generosity, kindness, and passion shared by the people who choose to call OHSU home. My co-interns are what I love most about this program. It truly feels like a family and I know that I can always reach out if I ever need a pep talk, hiking buddy, or someone to share a good laugh with!

Favorite Portland Activity: Exploring new hiking spots, frequenting local farmer's markets, and visiting the gorgeous Oregon coast on days off!

A man taking a selfie while paddle boarding with friends.

Why OHSU? I was initially drawn to the size of the program (and the amazing location) and was so impressed by the sense of community on my interview day. I loved hearing the residents' stories of interactions with each other and with attendings. Since I started working here, I've been nothing short of amazed by how collaborative and kind the entire community is, and I'm grateful to get to work with such passionate and caring providers!

Favorite Portland Activity: I absolutely love the accessibility to all outdoor activities! I live close to the Willamette River, and my co-residents and I were able to rent kayaks and take a beautiful trip right from our front yards.

"I knew I had to be in Portland after driving up Terwilliger on the day of my interview and catching a picture-perfect view of Mt. Hood. I love how balanced our program is - giving us time for education, research, and advocacy. We have wonderful faculty mentors that help us reach our goals."

A group of people standing on the shore of a lake in bathing suits on a sunny day.

Why OHSU? The amazing culture of Portland and the beautiful nature of the PNW definitely drew me in, but my favorite thing about OHSU is the relationships among our residents and staff and the true sense of family and support that exists in our program.

Favorite Portland Activity: Hiking - every weekend off is a new trail and a new adventure!

A large group of people posing while at summer camp.

Why OHSU? I am from the Seattle area and have always wanted to work in the Pacific Northwest. After medical school in Virginia, I knew I wanted to be back on the west coast. My interview at OHSU was awesome - I truly felt welcomed and that we would learn while being treated like family. We work hard, play hard, and truly care for one another. The APDs and Megan Aylor are a fantastic and continual source of support for us. Our children's hospital is aesthetically a wonderful place to work and the sunrise views are amazing.

Favorite Portland Activity: I love to walk the Fanno Creek trail with my husband. Forest Park is beautiful and Pittock Mansion is a cool site to see and walk around. Exploring different Thai food restaurants and gluten free options :)

"Portland is an amazing mecca of all things food, drink, art, entertainment and outdoorsy fun. Even if I only have 1 day off in a weekend, it's incredible how rejuvenating a day trip to the coast, a hike in the gorge, a tax-free shopping spree, or a happy hour at a local brewery can be."

A man with his arm around a woman (both smiling) while on a hike on a sunny day with a mountain in the background.

Why OHSU? I was impressed by the program's commitment to providing a supportive environment for residents to become compassionate and knowledgeable pediatricians. My co-residents are passionate about their work, but also have so many hobbies outside the hospital and are genuinely amazing people!

Favorite Portland Activity: I love how on a day off I can spend the morning hiking at beautiful Mt Hood and the evening enjoying a delicious food truck meal with friends back in Portland.

"I was looking for a program that prioritized education, compassion, and fun - all of which I found here. The faculty members are dedicated to resident education. The program leadership is eager to work with residents to make the program the best for all. And my co-residents are incredible, hard-working, and a great support. Additionally, I wanted to live in a place where I could do something outside and fun when I had days off - Portland is definitely full of many options!"

A woman sitting at the peak of a mountain.

Why OHSU? I chose OHSU for the proximity to everything that I love-- my family, friends, and all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer-- but there is so much to love about our program. The dedication to resident education is impressive at Doernbecher. Every day I feel appreciated and invested in as both a learner and a contributing member of the healthcare team. I love my co-residents because they are incredible friends and fierce advocates for children's health and well-being. Our program leadership is strong, as is the mentorship we receive from our faculty. The spirit of our program is joyful and supportive, and I am so glad that I am at OHSU!

Favorite Portland Activity: Blueberry picking on Sauvie Island.

"Finding a research project to be passionate about has been so easy at OHSU. Faculty are excited and eager to take on residents and mentor them. In just 2 years I already published and presented my research in neonatal resuscitation and submitted a neurology case report for publication which is currently under review. There is tremendous support from faculty and staff to help navigate academic medicine and achieve your scholarly goals!” 

"I have felt incredibly supported by the program leadership, senior residents, and fellow interns. The program leadership takes the time to hear about our individual experiences and quickly adapts to resident concerns. Attendings are approachable and supportive of resident autonomy."

A woman snowboarding.

Why OHSU? My partner and I couples-matched to OHSU because we loved the people and Portland. I love how kind and considerate everyone at Doernbecher is. My class truly feels like a family.

Favorite Portland Activity: Anything in the Columbia River Gorge or playing on Mt. Hood. My favorite city activity is getting ice cream from salt and straw or browsing all the amazing vintage shops.

Three female pediatric residents sitting on the ground holding stuffed animals in front of a holiday tree at an OHSU clinic.

Why OHSU? The residents seemed happy when I visited and they all seemed to get along really well. The program administration seemed to know each resident as an individual and the city of Portland offered so much to do outside! Now that I'm here, I love working with my co-residents, they've become family. I love the tram ride and biking to work and exploring the PNW on my days off.

Favorite Portland Activity: Trying new restaurants

A mother and father, the mother with their baby strapped to her chest, posing at the beach.

Why OHSU? I chose OHSU after doing a sub-I here my fourth year of medical school. I loved how friendly the residents and faculty members were during my visit to Portland. I left knowing that I had found a program that made me feel welcomed and supported, along with a location I knew my husband and I would enjoy in our free time. I feel so lucky to be here!

Favorite Portland Activity: I grew up in Colorado and absolutely love having the mountains nearby, so we definitely take advantage of that. An activity that we really enjoy (that's new and different for us) is to have quick, easy access to the coast as well! It's such a treat to have the ocean and the mountains within a reasonable distance from Portland. And within Portland? We love all the parks and hiking trails nearby (Forest Park, Mt. Tabor, etc.)

“The global health opportunities were extremely appealing to me. Particularly the rotation in Laos, where you get to be a teacher/attending and participate in hands-on medicine and education. It really seems to take the experience a step further and is unparalleled to any other global health experience I have heard of.”

A POV photo inside a kayak looking out on a lake.

Why OHSU? I loved how close and supportive the residents were of each other. I think the medium sized program helps foster close relationships because it is easy to know everyone in the program. I also wanted to be in the PNW for all the great access to fun outdoor activities year round!

Favorite Portland Activity: It's hard to choose just one activity but in the warmer months my favorite activity is going out on my kayak and paddling around the Willamette River, even if it is just for an hour after work. In this picture my senior resident let me go home early from an inpatient rotation with the promise that I'd use the time to enjoy myself and go kayaking!

A man with his arm around a woman pose in front of a waterfall while on a hike.

Why OHSU? I love OHSU because of the people here! Being part of the residency here is like being part of a big family. I have made life-long friends and built excellent professional relationships that have helped me develop my career during residency. I love living in Portland because of the wonderful outdoor and indoor life! I can go on hikes, camping, or float on a river/lake a short distance away or stay in with a cozy fire in my fireplace. I am so happy I completed my residency here and hope to stay here!

Favorite Portland Activity: Hiking

"Size: I love the true-medium size of this program. Doernbecher has a great reputation as a prestigious tertiary medical center with an extensive referral area, yet maintains a close-knit, welcoming atmosphere. I feel like I have already developed lifelong friends within the program, as well as strong working relationships with fellows, attendings, and residents."

A woman crouching down next to her dog while on a hike with a mountain in the background.

Why OHSU? I did an away rotation here and fell in love with the residents and faculty. It felt like the perfect community in which to train and learn and immerse myself during residency.

Favorite Portland Activity: Biking along the river path

A man standing on a beach smiling wearing sunglasses.

Why OHSU? I chose OHSU because everybody I met was so nice, and the program really felt like a family. All the faculty are great to work with and genuinely focused on furthering your education. Portland is an amazing place to live with so much to do. There are incredible outdoors opportunities all around Oregon and even within the city.

Favorite Portland Activity: Hiking

"OHSU has a spectacular community atmosphere! Faculty and attending physicians practice great care with humility and approachability while advancing resident learning and development. My co-workers are friends, wonderful teachers and examples I strive to emulate"

A woman smiling with her dog while on a hike.

Why OHSU? Our program size and innate values allows for meaningful, personal connections between program leadership and co-residents alike. This is an extremely supportive program that prioritizes residents' wellbeing.

Favorite Portland Activity: A perfect Saturday would include hiking the Wahkeena-Multnomah Falls loop, followed by a split-scoop waffle cone Salt and Straw ice cream and dinner at the Daily Fuel PDX vegan food truck Hawthorne Asylum!

A small child and a dog at the beach on a cloudy day.

Why OHSU? I chose OHSU because of the culture, the size of the program, and the opportunity to enjoy life outside of the hospital. Our program has a "family-like-feel" that stuck with me after I interviewed. As a resident, this feeling has only grown. Furthermore, as the primary academic pediatric hospital in Oregon, the breadth of opportunities for patient care is substantial, while the medium-sized nature of our program enables personal and lasting relationships with faculty. Finally, Portland is just plain awesome. There is an abundance of new and fun things for our family (I am married with a 2-year-old son and a crazy dog), and the recreational opportunities are endless.

Favorite Portland Activity: Hiking on Mt. Hood

A man and a woman smiling taking a selfie while on a hike.

Why OHSU? The people! Our residency program is caring and supportive from top to bottom with leadership that is down to earth

Favorite Portland Activity: 
Coast - Ecola State Park and Crescent Beach hike (shh, don’t tell anyone :))
Mt Hood - backpacking timberline trail (pic below) in the summer and skiing in the winter!

A group of people hugging each other, with the ocean in the background.

Why OHSU? My wife and I spent a long time trying to boil down the aspects of a program that would fit with us. We eventually concluded that it needed to feel like a home: a place where you can make mistakes, grow, relax and most importantly love the people you are with. From top to bottom this program is filled with people that support the both of us. From night shifts filled with fun activities to dress up days on the wards, the residents and faculty create an atmosphere of family.

Favorite Portland Activity: It is an added bonus that it is in Portland and surrounded by nature in each direction (definitely makes the relaxing part easier). I love going to Blazers and Timbers games and of course getting ice cream at Salt and Straw.

"Coming from the East Coast (and actually never having even been to the West Coast until interview season), Mount Hood literally stopped me in my tracks in the middle of the street the first time I saw it -- Oregon is definitely a pretty state."

Two women in scrubs and wearing PPE face masks take a selfie at the top of the OHSU tram.

Why OHSU? I chose OHSU because I found the residents to be personable and people who genuinely enjoyed being around each other. I also wanted to be in an academic setting that valued work-life balance. I love OHSU because all my coworkers and colleagues are friendly and supportive. (You also can't beat the views from the hospital!)

Favorite Portland Activity: Trying out new restaurants!

A man and a woman wearing hiking backpacks smiling while on a hike.

Why OHSU? I chose OHSU because it is an institution where people really care about being kind and proving the best medical care possible. We have a culture centered on looking out for one another and going above and beyond expectations to help make others' lives better. As a medical student at OHSU, I always noticed that the pediatric residents were extremely welcoming of students and seemed genuinely happy to be residents here. Now as a resident, I know that the program leadership really makes every effort possible to help us learn the most that we can, but also have time to enjoy life outside of work. On top of being in a wonderful nurturing training program, living in Portland is amazing!

Favorite Portland Activity: I love that Portland has delicious food and is close to such beautiful mountain, ocean, and desert scenery. On free weekends, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my partner who is also a resident at OHSU.