For Pediatric Health Care Professionals

Pedatrician Dr. Derek Lam examines a young patient at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.
Dr. Derek Lam is among the many providers at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital who welcomes working with providers in the community.

OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital accepts referrals from across the Northwest and beyond. Our providers serve communities across Oregon. We also welcome the opportunity to partner with health care professionals in the community.

Refer a patient to Doernbecher

We accept fax and electronic referrals (eReferrals).

To send a fax referral:

To send an eReferral: If your electronic medical records system lets you send eReferrals, we can accept them.

  • You must be referring for outpatient (ambulatory) services.
  • We cannot accept eReferrals for diagnostic and procedural orders, such as for imaging (MRI, CT, X-ray) or endoscopy. Those orders must still be faxed.

Please use only one referral method. Sending both a fax referral and an eReferral may slow your referral.

You can track your fax and electronic referrals through OHSU Connect. Set up an OHSU Connect account here.

Questions about a referral? Call us at 503-494-4567.

    Physician Advice and Referral Service

    The Physician Advice and Referral Service is for one-time, brief calls from licensed, direct-care providers. OHSU providers can offer:

    • General care condition advice for patients who do not need transfer to OHSU.
    • A few options for treatment considerations.
    • Recommendations for whether a patient would be best served with an OHSU visit (in-person, virtual, e-visit or other).

    The Physician Advice and Referral Service can also help you:

    • Get information about your patient who has been admitted to OHSU.
    • Verify your patient’s appointment.
    • Answer questions about OHSU Connect, our secure web portal for referring providers.

    Call us at 503-494-4567. As of May 1, 2023, Physician Advice and Referral Service line hours are changing to 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily for most specialties.  

    When providing advice to you, OHSU physicians are not diagnosing a patient's condition, nor are they providing treatment to a patient. Thus, they are not establishing a physician-patient relationship. All treatment and diagnostic decisions remain with you, the treating provider, when an OHSU physician is providing advice to you.

    If you are calling about a mutual patient:

    • During regular business hours: Please call the clinic directly.
    • After hours: Please call 503-494-8311 to speak with an OHSU operator who can connect you with the appropriate team.

    A mutual patient is currently receiving care at OHSU related to their current problem.

    Patient transfers

    For immediate ground or air transport of a pediatric or neonatal patient, contact the PANDA Team at:

    Learn more about PANDA (Pediatric and Neonatal Doernbecher Transport).

    Track your patient’s care

    Follow your patient's care with OHSU Connect. This secure service gives you real-time access to your patient's shared electronic medical records.

    Pediatric research and clinical trials

    Our scientists are on the leading edge of pediatric research, including dozens of clinical trials.