October Scholar 2010

OHSU School of Nursing October Scholar

Kerri M. Winters, PhDKerri Winters

My academic career is dedicated to the study of physical activity to prevent and manage chronic disease. Through my research, teaching, practice and personal life I have seen the transformation that takes place within individual’s who are regularly physically active and am dedicated to developing and promoting evidence-based exercise programs that can make individuals healthier, happier and able to live life more fully. A major focus of our research is testing the ability of a specific exercise intervention that we developed in non-cancer populations to reduce fracture risk and improve quality of life in breast and prostate cancer survivors. We are also working on a project to determine the optimal type and amount of exercise to promote quality of life and independence in older breast cancer survivors. More recently, we are developing and testing novel exercise interventions that include family members as part of the exercise team, because we feel that exercise could be helpful to both the patient and family members coping with chronic illness. The next step for our research is to translate our findings into evidence-based programs that can be disseminated and broadly implemented in the greater cancer survivor community, including innovative programs that can reach frail elders and rural adults. I enjoy working with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, clinicians, staff and students who all bring unique expertise, perspective and energy to our work. What I enjoy most about these teams is that they are all dedicated to helping others live better and derive satisfaction from knowing they’ve made a difference.