Urologic Cancers

A doctor and a patient are sitting in an examination room together. The doctor is reassuring the patient about their treatment.

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute offers you the region’s most advanced care for cancers of the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. You’ll find:

  • World-class urologists, surgeons and cancer doctors who work together in teams.
  • Doctors who are internationally recognized for expertise and groundbreaking research in urologic cancers.
  • The latest treatment options, including nerve-sparing robotic surgery for prostate cancer and bladder-preserving treatment for bladder cancer.
  • A commitment to research, with clinical trials to test promising new treatments.
  • Services to protect your fertility.
  • Complete support services to help you and your family manage life with cancer.

Innovative therapies for urologic cancers

Our specialists combine the latest techniques and technology with expert care. Our diagnosis and treatment options include:

High-resolution imaging: The Knight Cancer Institute is the only center in Oregon with 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (3T MRI). This technology enables your care team to see suspicious tissue with remarkable clarity.  We also offer uncommon contrast-enhanced ultrasound for a detailed look at lesions. 

Image-guided biopsy: We use 3T MRI and combined MRI-ultrasound (fusion biopsy) to precisely extract tissue samples for analysis under a microscope. 

Bladder preservation: We offer chemoradiation (chemotherapy and radiation therapy) to save the bladder even if cancer has grown into the organ’s muscle. This procedure is also an option for those too frail for surgery.

Image-guided radiation therapy: We provide advanced real-time imaging for precise radiation treatment. This technique enables us to target cancer while sparing healthy tissue.

Drs. Christopher Amling and Jen-Jane Liu are urologic oncologists — experts in urology and cancer who specialize in surgery. They have advanced skills in robotic surgery, offering exceptional precision.
Drs. Christopher Amling and Jen-Jane Liu are urologic oncologists — experts in urology and cancer who specialize in surgery. They have advanced skills in robotic surgery, offering exceptional precision.

Kidney preservation: We have extensive expertise treating even complex kidney cancers. We offer minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery to remove just the tumor, leaving the rest of the kidney. Kidney preservation helps avoid dialysis.

Robotic surgery: Our surgeons use robotic technology to treat prostate cancer, sparing nerves and erectile function. We also use minimally invasive robotic surgery for bladder, kidney and adrenal cancers.

What sets us apart

Highly trained doctors: Our doctors have advanced training from top cancer centers. They bring you exceptional expertise in urologic cancer, cancer in young adults, and techniques to spare nerves and tissue. Our prostate surgery team is one of the most experienced in the U.S.

Research breakthroughs: Our research has produced innovative new treatments for urologic cancers. We played a leading role in developing new prostate cancer therapies.

Early detection: We offer one of the world’s premier centers for finding cancer early, when it’s most curable. Learn more about the Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center, or CEDAR.

Comprehensive excellence: We’ve earned the top designation for research excellence from the National Cancer Institute. We are the only Comprehensive Cancer Center between Seattle and Sacramento.

Complete care

Our team brings together experts from many specialties to give you complete, compassionate care.

Nurse navigator Justina Lynch, standing and smiling before a row of sunny windows.
Nurse navigator Justina Lynch arranges care and answers questions for prostate cancer patients.

Tumor board: Specialists gather every two weeks in a meeting called a tumor board. They review cases one by one and develop treatment recommendations together. You benefit from the knowledge and skills of the whole team.

Providers on your team may include: 

  • Medical oncologists: These doctors treat cancer with medications such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy. 
  • Radiation oncologists: These doctors use high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells.
  • Urologic oncologists: Also known as urologic surgeons, these doctors specialize in surgery to remove tumors. They also remove tissue samples for biopsy.
  • Urologists: These doctors treat conditions of the male reproductive organs and the urinary system, including the kidneys and bladder. 
  • Pathologists: These doctors analyze tissue samples to diagnose cancer and judge if cancer cells are fast- or slow-growing.
  • Radiologists: These doctors interpret imaging tests.
  • Cancer nurses and nurse coordinators: Our nurses have specialized cancer training, and our nurse coordinators guide you through every step of care.
  • Cancer dietitians: Our dietitians have special training in the unique needs of patients with cancer.
  • Fertility experts: Our fertility team can offer options to protect your ability to have children. 
  • Cancer social workers: Our licensed professionals provide counseling. They also connect you and your family with resources to cope with cancer. 
  • Palliative care providers: Our palliative care team members can help you relieve pain and stress at any stage of cancer.

Research in urologic cancers

OHSU is a leader in urologic cancer research, including clinical trials. We are working to:

  • Improve diagnosis
  • Reduce treatment side effects
  • Improve treatment effectiveness, especially for late-stage cancers. 

With dozens of clinical trials, we offer eligible patients access to medications and techniques that aren’t yet widely available.

Support services

We provide a full range of services to attend to you as a whole person. They include  our prostate cancer support group , which offers people and families affected by prostate cancer a chance to learn more and to share experiences.

For patients

Call 503-494-7999  to:

  • Request an appointment
  • Seek a second opinion
  • Ask questions


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