Chang Lab Members

chang-pictBill H. Chang, M.D., Ph.D., a transplant from the Seattle area, graduated from the Physician-Scientist Program at OHSU with a medical degree and a doctorate in Neuroscience. There he developed the necessary background in biochemistry and molecular biology for his future studies. He remained at OHSU for both his pediatric residency and hematology/oncology fellowship.

Dr. Chang’s laboratory studies have focused on understanding the biochemical mechanisms for resistance in pediatric leukemias and developing new targets for therapy. Using RNA interference and biochemical techniques he has been able to identify novel targets. Dr. Chang’s research continues to use these methods to further understand these mechanisms and their aberration within malignant cells.

Dr. Chang’s clinical interests lie within the treatment of refractory and relapsed pediatric leukemias. One of the major causes of death in children, relapsed leukemias remains a difficult disease to cure, even with Hematopoeitic stem cell transplantation.  As a member of the stem cell transplant team Dr. Chang is poised to use his research knowledge in hopes to further advance the treatment of this disease.

Dr. Chang joined the faculty at Oregon Health & Science University in the summer of 2006.