School of Nursing

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Your Reference Library will be available for purchase at the Eastern Oregon University Bookstore.

Course materials

Courses will be posted on the Sakai website.  You will  receive more information as we get closer to fall term.


The following is considered essential equipment for nursing students, and should be purchased prior to the second week of the first term.

  • Waterproof watch with second hand. Digital watches are not acceptable.
  • Stethoscope - students are required to purchase a stethoscope for clinical.  Personal stethoscopes should be properly labeled with the student's name. A stethoscope with both bell and diaphragm components(dual stethoscope) is recommended. Check with a nursing instructor for additional information regarding selection of a stethoscope.
    • Some suggestions are:
      • -Match MateII
      • -McCoy Nurse/EMT kit
      • -Littman Classic II
      • -McCoy Stethoscopes
  • Penlight

The EOU Bookstore stocks many of these items.

Course schedules

Need more information? Check out course schedules