Dean Bakewell-Sachs interviewed about predicted nursing shortage

Dean Bakewell-Sachs interivew






"Would I love to increase faculty salaries and have them directly relate to practice? Of course I would. I would love to do that," Bakewell-Sachs said. "It would not be a cost that this school could bear without significant burden to students."

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Outstanding PNP researcher award

Martha DriessnackMarti Driessnack, Ph.D., P.P.C.N.P. and associate professor received the 2015 Research of the Year Award from AFPNP (Association of Faculties of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners).

The Outstanding PNP Researcher Award was established by AFPNP to recognize a pediatric nurse practitioner who has made significant contributions to the pediatric nurse practitioner profession at the regional, national, or international level via scholarly activities. It is awarded every other year at the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (NAPNAP) meeting.

"Receiving the award was particularly meaningful for me because two of our current PNP students, Wendy Herrick and Karen Gray, were in the audience. I believe it gave them pride in our program and faculty," Driessnack says of receiving the award.

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