Make an Appointment

A provider in an appointment with a patient.

To schedule an in-person, virtual, or telephone visit, please utilize our phone line at 503-418-3376.

From here, an Access Support Specialist will assist you with all of your scheduling needs. Due to federal confidentiality regulations, we may not answer any clinical questions through e-mail.

E-visits (email-style appointment) can be submitted at any time of the day; instructions can be found on our our e-visit page.

Please note: as an academic healthcare institution, we are committed to the training of the next generation's medical providers. During your appointment you may be seen by a combination of trainees in addition to your provider.

Appointment information

If you are new to OHSU, you will need to register as a patient prior to your appointment. Contact registration at 503-494-8505. After registering your OHSU account, please request to be transferred to Dermatology, and they will connect you with our access specialists.

A patient questionnaire will be sent to you before your first appointment. Feel free to print out the health history questionnaire and fill it out now, and then bring this to your appointment. For pediatric patients, please use the pediatric health history questionnaire.

Please note: our appointment cancellation policy is to notify us at least 24 business hours prior to your appointment. A failure to comply with this will result in a no-show appointment. Two or more no-show appointments within a calendar year could result in a dismissal of services.

Some patients' insurance requires that the patient obtain a referral or authorization or the company will not pay for medical services. If you have questions, contact your insurance company.

Note: Our clinic requires referrals for all patients with Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid)

If your insurance requires prior authorization, please contact your primary care provider to initiate insurance approval. Have your primary care provider fax the referral and health records to 503-346-6854.

If your insurance requires you to obtain an authorization or referral and you do not have one at the time of the visit, you will need to register as a "self-pay" patient.

If you are not covered by your insurance for this visit, you need to register for your appointment as "self-pay" prior to your appointment. Payment is due at the time of service. Also, be prepared to make any payments or co-payments.

You may qualify for financial assistance. To see if you are eligible, please contact registration 503-494-8505.

Please utilize a menu-driven phone line at 503-494-1390 or please see Maps and Directions.

Insurance registration

If you are new to OHSU, you will need to register as a patient prior to your appointment. Contact registration at 503-494-8505.

Has your insurance changed since your last visit? If so, please call registration at 503-494-8505 ahead of your appointment.

Self-pay patients also need to register to have an account that indicates self-pay so the charges are billed correctly.  To register as a patient prior to your appointment, contact registration at 503-494-8505.

Self-pay payment is made at the time of service.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

It is our goal to provide timely and quality care for all those in need. Late cancellations or appointment no-shows penalize other patients who would have otherwise been able to be seen sooner.  The Department of Dermatology requires that patients give at least a 24-hour (1 business day) notice to cancel or reschedule a medical appointment.

Established patients may be discharged from the practice if they no-show or miss three appointments with their medical provider without giving 24-hour cancellation notice.  New patients may be referred back to their primary care provider without a visit by the Department of Dermatology if they no-show or cancel two new patient appointments.