Remote Appointments

Depending on where you live, physical constraints, or your scheduling availability, making an appointment to see a dermatology provider can be difficult. To combat these factors and increase dermatological access across the entire state of Oregon, we have launched multiple remote options for non-urgent dermatology appointments: Virtual Visits, and Virtual Spot Checks.

Learn about which remote appointment may be right for you below:

A phone video chatting with a provider

Virtual visits

Virtual visits are live video appointments with a dermatology provider that occur over a phone, tablet or computer (with a webcam). Virtual visits mimic a video chat. These appointments are one-on-one, thus require an appointment to be made during our regular business hours.

For more information, view our Virtual Visit page.

If you know that you'd like to request a virtual visit, please contact our appointment staff at 503-418-3376

A provider looking at a mole image in an E-visit

Virtual Skin Cancer Spot Check (E-Visit)

Virtual Skin Cancer Spot Checks are a "store and forward" appointment option where users submit a questionnaire and photos securely through MyChart for review by a provider. This service is designed to analyze 1-2 specific moles, and does not replace a full body skin check. Virtual Spot Checks mimic an email conversation, and can be submitted at any time, and have a turnaround time of three business days or less. 

To learn more, including how to submit a Virtual Skin Cancer Spot Check (E-visit), visit our Virtual Skin Cancer Spot Check page.

A physician chats to a patient over the phone

Telephone visits

Telephone visits are a scheduled phone conversation with your provider. Because these calls are audio only, telephone visits are most appropriate for follow-up questions, or care where a physical examination is not necessary.

If you would like to schedule a telephone visit, please call our main schedule line at 503-418-3376.