Academics and Training

Academics and Training program at OHSU Dermatology - Students in classroom setting

Training the next generation's dermatology providers

As an academic healthcare institution, we are committed to the training of the next generation's medical providers. To learn about our training programs, please visit the following pages:

Residency program

Learn about our ACGME accredited three-year dermatology residency program.

Visit Residency Program page.

To learn about our current residents, visit our Current Residents page.

Research training program

Learn about predoctoral and postdoctoral training opportunities in the Molecular Basis of Skin/Mucosa Pathobiology training program.

Visit Research Training Program page.

Fellowship programs

Learn about our ACGME accredited one-year fellowship program for

  • Mohs surgery and dermatologic oncology (Mohs)
  • Pediatric dermatology.

Visit Fellowship Programs page.

Events and conferences

Learn about educational conferences, lectures and events available to all medical professionals.

Visit the Events and Conferences page.

MD and PA education

Learn about elective options in dermatology for OHSU medical students, visiting medical students, and OHSU physician assistant students.

Visit MD and PA Student Education page.

Support our academic programs

Help ensure the future of our educational mission with a tax-deductable contribution to the Dermatology Residency Fund.