About OHSU Dermatology

Photo of a leaf sculpture at OHSU Dermatology.

The Department of Dermatology is a full-service academic department of the Oregon Health & Science University whose mission includes a focus on three equally important areas: 

  • The dedicated care of people with disorders of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes
  • The training of doctors (dermatologists-in-training, medical students and other students)
  • The search for new knowledge through medical research of both treatments and disease

Vision statement

OHSU Department of Dermatology is a worldwide leader and collaborator with patients, the global dermatology community, and industry in promoting optimum skin health and freeing the world of human suffering caused by disorders of the skin.

Serving the Pacific Northwest

Since the founding of the medical school in 1887, dermatology has been a part of the curriculum. In 1922, dermatology was formally recognized and by 1929 Lyle B. Kingery, M.D., took on the leadership of the division. From that time to now, the contributions of the department to the Pacific Northwest and to dermatology overall have been extensive. Our esteemed faculty and staff provide exceptional care to patients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond and have contributed important advances to the understanding and treatment of many dermatologic diseases. As the only academic research university and dermatology teaching center in Oregon, our doctors often act as consultants to other health-care providers who wish to gain another opinion on diagnoses or management with complex illnesses, difficult to diagnose conditions, or those experiencing treatment issues in complex and difficult-to-treat diagnoses.

Our hope is that our work makes a difference in your life

Training the next generation

Along with striving to be the best clinicians and researchers they can be, our faculty have also dedicated their careers to the training of our next generation's dermatologists. Our dermatology training program has trained nearly 200 dermatologists and is currently training many residents, fellows and students. As patient interaction is a critical part of their education, in your visit you may see residents, fellows, or medical students in addition to your provider team.