Research Volunteer Opportunities (Medical Students)

The Department of Dermatology offers opportunities for medical students to engage in dermatology research projects. Students will work directly with our faculty PI's to support their research initiative needs. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience, connections and possibly publications within the dermatology field.

Please see below for a list of our current opportunities. If you are interested in any opportunities, please fill out our OHSU Dermatology Research Volunteer Form.

Current opportunities


  1. Retrospective chart review of patients with oral and/or vulvar lichen planus, treated with topical or oral medications. I would specifically like to know what methotrexate vs Plaquenil treatment looks like in terms of outcomes.
  2. Create intake form for oral mucosal disease to give to patients when they schedule"


Needing  highly motivated students who can get work done on their own, without significant amounts of supervision.

Faculty PI: Erin Foster, M.D., Ph.D.


I am completing a systematic review of the utilization of qualitative research techniques (e.g. semi structured interviews, focus groups) in dermatology. The aim is to characterize how these techniques are currently being used (e.g. what populations/diseases, is it for development of patient reported outcomes, or for what types of research questions) and identify potential gaps in utilization of these techniques. Your role would be to help review and code/categorize relevant articles from an initial online search and assist in write-up.


This manuscript is being prepared for submission to JID: Innovations online journal and we have a deadline of January/Feb 2022, so you would need to have substantial time to dedicate to this project between now and January 2022.

Faculty PI: Noelle Teske, M.D.


We are looking for an additional student to help with a large melanoma database of appx 1400 patients where we are tracking recurrence rates of the melanoma that we operated on. This volunteer will work with another medical student in RedCap.

Faculty PI: Anna Bar, M.D.


We are doing a 6 month clinical study that looks at whether providing access to an at-home smartphone dermatoscope with mole-scanning artificial intelligence may improve patient’s early detection and triage of skin cancer. The study involves 1000+ participants who will be checking their skin and following up with any suspicious lesions they find. We will be analyzing the patient-identified suspicious lesions, method of follow up, and biopsy results of participants and comparing these results to determine if there is any improvement to patient outcomes

Expected Responsibilities:

  • Recruiting eligible participants for the study
  • Making phone calls to onboard/train our participants (script on things to say will be provided)
  • Help with data input onto RedCap

Expected time commitment:

  • 5-10 hours a week (depending on the week) for up to 6 months

Benefits to student:

  • You will have many opportunities for valuable dermatology specific clinical exposure
  • You will be credited as co-author on any publications you are involved in that result from this study
  • You will have opportunities for professional networking.

If you are interested in working in our study, please send me the following information in an email to me:

  1. CV or Resume
  2. General information: What year you are in, USMLE scores if available
  3. Letter of Intent


We have developed a culture within our group for medical students to be integrated in our research activities. Students are assigned to senior medical students to help in projects associated with ulcerative skin conditions or skin inflammation. After this initial year of learning, medical students will have the opportunity to develop a scholarly project which is required for their graduation. Learn more about our PG program by visiting our Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG) page.


  1. We do not focus our research efforts on case reports
  2. We have monthly meetings for about 30 minutes to discuss challenges and learn about other projects from your peers

Faculty PI: Alex Ortega Loayza, M.D., M.C.R.