A team of OHSU doctors seeing a patient.

If you would like to refer a patient to one of our dermatologists for either a consultation or for long-term care, please utilize the links below to learn about referral services and contact information.

We accept referrals for all skin conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers
  • psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
  • bullous diseases
  • severe atopic dermatitis
  • severe acne and/or isotretinoin (accutane)
  • nail and hair disorders
  • hemangioma and vascular birthmarks
  • Chronic skin ulcers (may be referred to OHSU Wound Care Clinic)


  1. Fill out this form (for adults) or this form (for children) and fax it and the patient's chart notes to 503-346-6854 (fax).
  2. Inform patient they will receive a phone call and/or letter in the mail with information to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, the patient can call 503-418-3376 to schedule an appointment.


  1. Fill out this form (for adults) or this form (for children), make sure to check urgent, and fax it and patient's chart notes to 503-346-6854 (fax).
  2. Call our referring physician line at 503-418-3376 to schedule an appointment for your patient.

Our fellowship-trained dermatologic surgeons specialize in Mohs Micrographic Surgery and reconstruction for the most complex cases of skin cancer removal. Other treatment options may include cryotherapy, electrodesiccation and curettage, topical chemotherapy and immunotherapy, chemotherapy, biologic therapy, radiation therapy.

  1. Email, fax, or mail this form , with the patient's chart notes and pathology report
    1. Email:
    2. Fax: 503-494-0596
    3. Mail: OHSU Department of Dermatology
      Dermatopathology – CH5D
      3303 SW Bond Ave
      Portland, OR  97239
  2. If you would like to check on available dates or schedule the appointment for your patient, call 503-494-6483 (voice).
  3. Send the pathology slide with a copy of the pathology report to:

    OHSU Department of Dermatology
    Dermatopathology – CH5D
    3303 SW Bond Ave
    Portland, OR  97239

You may also email our office directly at to attach photographs.

We are flexible and will work with either the referring physician or the patient to schedule appointments.

Please note:
All melanoma pathology reports and slides must be received and reviewed prior to date of surgery.

To refer a patient for reflectance confocal microscopy (virtual biopsy), call 503-418-3376

Reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) is a non-invasive, laser screening method that enables a trained dermatologist to visualize lesions (moles) at the cellular level. With high resolution dermoscopic images a confocal expert can differentiate between moles that should be biopsied or not as well as diagnose certain types of skin cancers. The RCM process is completely painless, and offers in-vivo, real time evaluation of the skin.

Call: 503-494-5245
Fax: 503-494-4957

OHSU Dermatopathology provides expert dermatopathology services to support dermatologists, family practitioners, pathologists, obstetricians/gynecologists, plastic surgeons, and many other physicians with expert, accurate and efficient diagnosis of skin-related conditions and diseases. 

Learn more by visiting our Dermatopathology Services page. You can view our up-to-date CAP and CLIA certificates here.

  1. Fax the patient’s chart notes to the clinic 503-494-1228 (fax)
  2. Have the patient call 503-418-3376 (voice) to schedule an appointment in the Contact Clinic.

    Please note:

    • Contact dermatitis clinic patients must be referred by a dermatologist or other appropriate health care provider.  In some cases, an initial consultation visit will be requested prior to scheduling for patch testing.
    • We DO accept Workers Compensation cases and Independent Medical Investigations.
    • We appreciate if the patient is provided with the following information before scheduling an appointment. These facts will be reiterated when the patient is scheduled, but it really helps in the patient has an understanding of the comprehensive nature of this process.
      • The Contact Clinic requires three different appointments in our office over the course of a week. The patient will not be allowed to get their back wet during this time period.
      • Contact Clinic appointments can take a lot of time.
      • We are generally scheduled out about a month.
      • New patients in the Contact Clinic are only seen Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Call: 503-418-3376

We have organized a team of specialists (medical and surgical dermatology, medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology) all of whom have dedicated their careers to finding and eliminating cancer, to work together to combat melanoma in Oregon and beyond. The melanoma multidisciplinary clinic is a unique opportunity for patients to be able to receive consultation and treatment, all at the same location and often within the same day. We work closely with referring providers to make sure each individual patient has a transparent and effective plan.

To learn more, visit our Melanoma Multidisciplinary Clinic page.

Call: 503-418-3376

Patients are usually referred to this clinic because they have a personal history of melanoma or atypical nevi (moles), a family history of melanoma, or numerous moles. Our goal is to provide expert care and high quality photographs to effectively follow moles for changes that could indicate development of a serious skin cancer called melanoma.

Learn more by visiting our Mole Monitoring Clinic page.

Call: 503-418-3376

OHSU Department of Dermatology features world-class atopic dermatitis expertise led by Eric Simpson, M.D., M.C.R., professor of dermatology.  Our eczema care team includes medical dermatology providers, pediatric dermatology providers, and works closely with allergy and immunology providers to create effective care plans to manage eczema.  Our faculty providers are actively engaged in research, working to understand the clinical, biological and genetic aspects of atopic diseases. As such, the department offers numerous clinical trials each year.

Learn more by visiting our Atopic Dermatisis (Eczema) Treatment page.

Call: 503-418-3376

Psoriasis is a complex disease, thus it requires complex and individualized care. OHSU Dermatology works in collaboration with the OHSU Division of Arthritis & Rheumatic Disease to provide a multidisciplinary and coordinated approach to the treatment and management of psoriasis. Dermatologists, rheumatologists and other specialties (hepatologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists) will work together on your care as necessary.

To learn more, visit our Center of Excellence for Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis (CEPPA) page.

Call: 503-418-3376

The High-Risk Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Clinic provides comprehensive and coordinated care for patients at high risk for skin cancer. This includes organ and bone marrow transplant recipients, patients on long-term or drug-induced immunosuppression, and other patients with an increased risk of skin cancer, such as those with a genetic predisposition. 

Our team of a medical dermatologist and surgical dermatologist provide care that focuses on patient education, skin cancer prevention, and timely recognition and treatment of skin cancers. Our team may also collaborate with other providers (primary care, transplant, general dermatology, among others) to achieve the highest quality individualized care.

To learn more, visit our High Risk Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Clinic page.

Call: 503-418-3376

The OHSU Nail Disorders Clinic is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of complex nail disorders. A subset of dermatology, nail disease has a diverse scope that includes many rare conditions such as:

  • Infectious nail diseases
  • Benign and malignant tumors such as skin cancer and melanoma
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Congenital nail conditions

To learn more, visit our Nail Disorders Clinic page.

Call: 503-418-3376

Our phototherapy treatment unit offers a broad range of ultraviolet light services for chronic skin disorders such as psoriasisvitiligo and atopic dermatitis, and other light-responsive conditions such as contact dermatitismycosis fungoidesactinic keratoses and acne. Our doctors and nurses provide individual treatment programs, and the unit is self contained in our office, so your check-in, treatment and check-out are seamless and efficient. 

The unit offers a broad range of treatments including:

  • Ultraviolet B light therapy (narrow-band)
  • PUVA (psoralen + ultraviolet A light - topical, and systemic)
  • Excimer laser (ultraviolet B laser)
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Grenz ray

To learn more, visit our Phototherapy Treatment Unit page.