Annual Lectures

A speaker provides a lecture to an audience of medical professionals.

Honoring giants of the dermatology field

As one of the oldest dermatology-specific departments in the country, OHSU Dermatology has been molded by pioneers of the specialty and legendary dermatologists. We honor two of those giants in the form of named lectureships, presented annually in a rotating manner.

Walter C. Lobitz Jr., M.D., Lecture and Visiting Professorship

The Walter C. Lobitz Jr., M.D. Lecture and Visiting Professorship celebrates Dr. Lobitz’s distinguished career as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at Oregon Health & Science University and honors his contributions to dermatology as a master clinician, investigator and world leader in Dermatology.

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Frances J. Storrs, M.D., Medical Dermatology Lectureship

Frances J. Storrs, M.D., Medical Dermatology Lectureship was established to honor Dr. Storrs as an ethical practitioner of medicine, a talented researcher and outstanding teacher. Dr. Storrs passion and devotion to dermatology and to the education and mentorship of others is equaled by her dedication to a life of learning. The stores lectureship focuses on areas important to Dr. Storrs: medical dermatology, controversies in medicine and ethics in medicine.

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