Casey Eye Institute on Marquam Hill

Thousands of people visit OHSU daily. Congestion reduction is vital for patients, neighbors, emergency access, and you. For this reason, parking for non-patients is limited and many commuters use options such as transit, sharing a ride and biking. An aerial tram provides fast, reliable access to Marquam Hill and South Waterfront.

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Patient parking

Patients and their personal visitors park free in patient parking and use complimentary valet where available. For all other purposes, patient zones are strictly prohibited and OHSU is pay to park Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm except OHSU-observed holidays.

Vehicles and people with a work or education affiliation with OHSU must have a permit to park on campus or receive approved coverage. Learn how here. 

See patient parking locations, valet hours, and more here.

Options by purpose of visit

Parking options including permits, ADA, maternity, and validating parking for an appointment more.

Parking options including daily, long term by approval, off site, and alternatives.

Parking options including guest, vendor, contractor, loading zones, and guest reservations.

Volunteers must have a valid permit during pay to park hours. Contact Volunteer Services. Email or call 503-418-5376.

Parking facilities by campus