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Department services

OHSU departments have a variety of options for providing parking for staff, visitors, events and more. People with an OHSU login can see the full list of services here.

People without an OHSU login can learn about options below. 

Pay station coupon codes

Pay station on Marquam Hill

OHSU departments distribute pay station codes at their discretion to their guests. Guests use the code to have the department cover parking.

Learn more about Department Coupon Codes.

Daily parking by reservation

Reservations must be made 2 business days in advance by an OHSU department. You may purchase your own parking 1 day in advance here.

OHSU departments can learn more here. 

Event parking (groups of 10 or more)

Campus Access and Commute Services can help your event, meeting, or conference run smoothly by reserving a designated area to direct all your guests to. Your host or invitation will usually have arrival information. Unless your host is covering the cost of parking, day time events require either purchasing parking or finding other means of travel.

OHSU departments can learn more here. 

Long term parking

Long term parking options are available by department request. Learn more here.