Ride hail

masked ride hail rider stepping from vehicle

Ride hail is a service provided by companies such as Lyft and Uber.

Riders download an app, request a ride and drivers bring riders to their requested destinations. Cost and wait for pickup fluctuate with demand.

Rides for pick up typically arrive quickly to OHSU campuses.

Ride share

Ride share trips include more than one passenger. Carpools are ride shares where the driver is also a commuter with an intended destination. Ride hail trips with Lyft or Uber may also be made ride share trips if demand for a shared ride is high.

OHSU Members have options for sharing a ride as needed or creating long term carpools.

Tips for hailing a ride to OHSU

Vehicles arrive quickly and cannot idle in many areas. Billing begins as soon as a driver arrives. 

When on OHSU campuses, you'll likely see designated pick up and drop off locations. OHSU buildings may be off street or connect multiple streets. In many areas, vehicles are unable to idle. Designated locations help the driver find you and improve your experience.

Riders must adhere to any mask guidelines mandated by OHSU and the ride hail company as well as requests from the driver or other passengers to wear a mask during the ride.

Ride hail may be an appropriate option for arriving or departing OHSU quickly. However, ride hail is not recommended when a rider is experiencing a medical emergency, when a rider may be infectious, or during weather events affecting road conditions. For inclement weather, consider telework and telemedicine or consider public transit.

OHSU members are obligated to show respect to all who arrive on campus, including those providing services such as ride hail drivers. Please be mindful of ride hail guidelines and etiquette including tipping, ratings, communications in app, and ride hail company guidelines. Adhere to normal expectations of conduct for representing OHSU in the community.

Note that the baseline rating for a ride that meets expectations is 5 stars. 4 star ratings may lead to drivers being revoked app access. 3 star ratings block a driver from picking you up in the future.