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Student Parking

Parking lot 40

Campus parking has been limited by City of Portland to cap traffic congestion on access streets near OHSU. 

OHSU is pay to park 8am to 5pm and restricted in some areas 24/7. 

Parking is free at over sixty parking facilities in the region; many with direct transit connections to OHSU.

Students parking for personal appointments

If you're an OHSU student visiting as a patient or as a patient's personal visitor, you'll just need to take a moment to set up parking coverage for a patient appointment. For all other reasons, including arriving for work or education, parking is not allowed in patient areas.

Daily parking

Long term parking

Students with a compelling and/or emergent need to obtain a parking permit may request a parking permit based on program approval, space availability, and other criteria as set forth by Campus Access and Commute Services. 

Forms for this Student Parking Request program must be authorized by the approving authority for each respective school/program. Request approval here.

MyCommute Rewards

Students are eligible for rewards such as cash for active transportation, including walking and biking; subsidized transit; guaranteed ride home; dynamic carpools; a variety of discounts and more.