Finding a ride by app

A growing community of people carpool to OHSU. Share a ride to save money, reduce traffic congestion, improve patient access, and reduce environmental impact.

Dynamic carpools with Scoop

OHSU has partnered with Scoop to help riders and drivers find the most efficient door-to-door trip. Riders pay a small fee while saving overall on parking and gas. Drivers earn a small reimbursement for providing the ride. Matches and payment are handled in app based on your preferences. Flexibility for people who want to only carpool once or carpool every day.

OHSU employees and students can learn more at

Long-term carpools with MyCommute

OHSU employees and students can use MyCommute to find a carpool and earn rewards. Explore the interactive map, post your needs, and send anonymous messages.

Ride hail services

Lyft allows you to hail a ride from anywhere in the Portland metro region.