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OHSU Carpool

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Anyone with an OHSU email address can conveniently find rides to and from campus. Save money, connect with other OHSU members, and reduce your environmental impact.

The OHSU Carpool app

OHSU Carpool is an app for employees, students and other members to share a ride to or from OHSU locations.

The app will help match you with other OHSU commuters traveling to and from campus. Carpool as needed or daily.

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How it works

  1. Download OHSU Carpool and sign up with  
       your OHSU email address.
  2. Book your ride up to 14 days in advance.
  3. Your app will notify you of your match!
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Drivers are responsible for arranging parking. Employees on payroll can reserve parking on MyCommute. All others can explore options here:

Locations eligible for incentive

Marquam Hill

South Waterfront


  • Fifth Avenue Building
  • Marquam Plaza
  • Marquam II
  • Market Square Building
  • Vanport


MyCommute members who drive are eligible for up to one cash incentive per weekday by completing a carpool using the OHSU Carpool app. 

To earn an incentive: Use the OHSU Carpool app to request, confirm and complete a weekday ride to or from a location eligible for incentive. Drivers are responsible for marking the ride "complete" in the app.

When incentives will be received: Trips completed in the app by noon the Friday before a pay period closes will be processed for the upcoming pay period. Rides made after that time will roll over to the next pay period. 

Matching with drivers

A match is not guaranteed. We recommend planning a backup commute such as transit. If you need assistance planning an alternative, you can request a custom trip plan here:

Guaranteed ride

Eligibility for a guaranteed ride with the OHSU Carpool program must meet all of the following:

  • MyCommute member
  • The member uses the OHSU Carpool app to request a ride and the matched ride is canceled by the driver.

Book a guaranteed ride here.


Parking is arranged by the driver. 

Know before you book

As soon as a match is made! This could be instant or take a few days depending on how many people have also scheduled carpools for the date/time you’ve requested.

Go to the OHSU’s Carpool app’s home page and select the carpool that includes the partner you’re trying to reach. Next to the pickup time, click “picked up by” or “dropped off by” to view your carpool partner’s contact info. Carpool partners can contact each other via text or call through the app.

The app is free for users forever. There are no costs associated with using the app, and at no point are you asked for payment details.

If you made a parking reservation through MyCommute, your carpool commute will not appear due to the reservation occupying the space on your commute calendar. Unfortunately, there is no current way the commute calendar to show a reservation with another commute mode in the same day. However, if you complete a ride on OHSU Carpool, you will receive an incentive, even though the carpool icon does not appear on your MyCommute calendar.  

Riders and drivers without MyCommute reservations who complete a carpool trip on OHSU Carpool will see the carpool icon automatically appear on their calendar.

What if my carpool partner cancels the ride or I am not matched?

We recommend having a backup commute in place, such as transit. Riders who are canceled on can request a Guaranteed Ride Home code through MyCommute.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

You can easily cancel a trip request before you are matched if you need to. If you’ve already been matched and need to cancel, it’s best to do so as early as possible through the app so the rider has as much notice as possible.

What happens if my plans change?

If you don’t want to cancel but need to adjust plans slightly, we encourage you to reach out to your rider/s to see if they can accommodate you. Please be aware that frequent cancellations may limit your ability to use OHSU for carpooling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only carpools verified through OHSU Carpool app are eligible for bonuses. Self-recording carpool commutes on MyCommute or Luum will not generate an incentive. Drivers who complete an incentive eligible trip will have the incentive automatically added to their MyCommute account.

Drivers receive an incentive for one ride per weekday. Drivers are responsible for securing parking permits/reservations and the costs associated with them. Riders do not receive an incentive and are not required or expected to pay drivers and can enjoy a free door-to-door commute.

We recommend connecting with your existing carpool partners through OHSU Carpool using the “Private Ride” feature. Only carpools verified through OHSU Carpool are incentivized.

Safety is our top priority, so the OHSU Carpool app is exclusively for OHSU members with OHSU network credentials and who have passed OHSU background checks.

You may use a neutral meeting place nearby (such as a store, intersection, etc.) instead of your home address. Please note, you’ll only be paired with OHSU members who have passed OHSU’s background checks.

Successful carpool trips rely on good communication, honesty, and trust. Carpooling is no different from sharing a trip to campus without using the app. Incidents that occur between OHSU members could be handled using many of OHSU’s resources. If it feels appropriate, OHSU Carpool users can submit feedback through the "Help" button available in the app. Adhere to normal expectations of conduct for representing OHSU in the community. 

Learn more about Problem Solving for OHSU Members.

Drivers: more information


No. Using the OHSU Carpool app is no different than driving a friend or a colleague to work, dinner, or anywhere else you might typically share a ride.

Once per weekday for eligible trips. All incentivized commute modes earn a maximum of one incentive per weekday and this incentive model mirrors that.

In any facility where you can make a daily reservation or have an active permit. There are no designated “Carpool only” spots.

One, with the possibility of more if they include extra passengers in their ride request from the same location (the extra passengers must also be registered OHSU Carpool members).

This message is hard coded into Liftango, which powers OHSU Carpool and is not applicable to OHSU.   Drivers are responsible for securing a valid permit prior to parking.