Effective July 13, 2020

Those with an OHSU login can view the most recent OHSU Now post for a look at the parking plan as we return to our new normal.
•    Patient parking is free for all patients and patient visitors.
•    Permits are required for all non-patient parking on Marquam Hill and South Waterfront during normal business hours. Do not park in 24/7 reserved stalls unless you are assigned to that stall.
•    Effective July 13, 2020 parking charges have resumed in OHSU Marquam Hill, South Waterfront and downtown locations. 

Transportation products and programs

Fees are waived for active facilities at this time. New permits subject to availability. An active permit and adherence to facility terms of use still apply.

Bike, walk, run Where to acquire Rate Eligibility Description
MyCommute incentive www.ohsu.edu/commute earn $1.50/day OHSU login Log eligible trips on MyCommute
Go By Bike Valet onsite free General public Free public valet at the Tram
Go By Bike Share www.ohsu.edu/bike free OHSU email Free campus bike share
Active Facility www.ohsu.edu/bike $2.31/pay period OHSU badge RLSB, Rood, KCRB: bike area, shower, towel, locker
Biketown www.ohsu.edu/bike $7/month OHSU email $7 a month with OHSU discount
Public transit Where to acquire Rate Eligibility Description
Portland Aerial Tram onsite free badge or patient Free with OHSU badge or courtesy ticket
Portland Streetcar customer service free OHSU badge Free with OHSU badge
TriMet Park and Ride www.ohsu.edu/parkandride free General public Free parking for transit riders
TriMet Medical Assistant customer service free Medical Assistant Must provide dept. paid form and OHSU badge.
TriMet ONA new hire customer service $25/transit year ONA new hire $25 total w/badge, if oriented new hire ONA
TriMet ONA customer service $50/transit year ONA $50 total w/badge, if current ONA
TriMet Universal customer service $50/transit year OHSU badge and not other group $50 total through end of August
C-Tran Express customer service $14.81/pay period OHSU badge $14.81 per pay period through end of August
Rides Where to acquire Rate Eligibility Description
Guaranteed Ride Home www.ohsu.edu/commute free OHSU login Free for eligible trips
Lyft Off peak program o2.ohsu.edu/lyftoff $20 credit, one way, per day OHSU Employee $20 credit up to 20 times, 9pm to 5am to/from central campuses
Scoop Carpool driver o2.ohsu.edu/scoop earning varies General public Cost of parking and gas not included
Scoop Carpool rider o2.ohsu.edu/scoop payment varies General public Ride paid through app.

Daily parking rates are currently adjusted for modified operations.

Parking, daily products

Effective July 13, 2020, OHSU will offer tiered daily parking.
See www.ohsu.edu/visit/news for more details.
Please reference the maps to learn where daily permits are available and for the tiered pricing rates in each facility. 
·       Marquam Hill
·       South Waterfront

Permits can be reserved via payroll through MyCommute.

Permits can also be reserved through Parkmobile for those that are not OHSU payroll eligible. 

Park and Rides

Over 30 locations are a direct connection to OHSU's central campuses. TriMet has over 60 locations around the region.

Find a facility and transit line on your route at ohsu.edu/parkandride.

Marquam Plaza

An OHSU site one mile from Marquam Hill and South Waterfront.

See this facility's location and more here.

Cost: $5 purchased onsite.

Lot 90

A parking lot located 0.5 mile from Marquam Hill Campus.

Learn about this facility and access to Marquam Hill here.

Cost: $5 with online day permit.


For locations, see this campus map of rates  or click on the location name below.


  • Lot 40: $3 per hour. No hourly limit.
  • Garage C, top deck: $3 per hour. 2 hour limit.
  • Garage F hourly zones: $3 per hour. 5 hour limit.

Parking, long term

Product Pay period
TriMet Park and Ride Free with transit pass


Product Pay period
Motorcycle Parking (must be registered with Transportation & Parking) Free

Swing (after 1:30pm)

Product Pay period
3 Day $21.42
4+ Day $35.70

Special (ADA, maternity)

Product Pay period
3 Day $35.82
4+ Day $59.34

Resident GME

Product Pay period
GME Marquam Hill $49.98
GME Waterfront $66.78


Product Pay period
Priority permit rate + $47.40
E-Plates $68.76
Dept Pass $141.12
Dept Space $210.90

Guaranteed Daily Parking Permit is charged by weekday (up to 10 per pay period) at RLSB, Rood and KCRB.

Time of parking days 1 to 8 days 9, 10
Daily max $12/day $15/day
12am to 12:59pm $12 $15
1pm to 4:59pm $5 $6.25
5pm to 11:59pm $0 $0

On campus parking is limited in supply by local regulations. Most commuters use alternatives.

1 Diamond

Marquam Hill: Lots 30, 40, 50, 60, 70

Product Pay period
4 Person Carpool $14.83
3 Person Carpool $19.78
2 Person Carpool $29.67
3 Day Single Driver $35.82
4+ Day Single Driver $59.34

2 Diamond

Marquam Plaza

Marquam Hill: Garages D, E, F

Product Pay period
4 Person Carpool $16.70
3 Person Carpool $22.26
2 Person Carpool $33.39
3 Day Single Driver $40.20
4+ Day Single Driver $66.78

3 Diamond

3030 Moody, Bancroft, Lot 33, Macadam, Schnitzer

Marquam Hill: Garages A, C, Lot 10

Product Pay period
4 Person Carpool $22.32
3 Person Carpool $29.76
2 Person Carpool $44.64
3 Day Single Driver $53.76
4+ Day Single Driver $89.28


Market Square, 4th & Clay

Product Pay period
3 Day 4th & Clay $53.76
4+ Day 4th & Clay $89.28
3 Day Market Square $60.36
4+ Day Market Square $101.94

The rate sheet provides a one sheet of rates prior to Modified Operations. Modifications to daily rates are described under daily parking.