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Patient parking is free for all patients and patient visitors.

Permits are required for all non-patient parking on Marquam Hill and South Waterfront during normal business hours. Do not park in 24/7 reserved stalls unless you are assigned to that stall.

View products by customer groups below to see only options available to each group. View the entire index of products and programs here:


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These rates are effective January 1, 2024.

General public products and services

Anyone, including employees, students, etc, can purchase products and services available to the general public. However, employees, students and other groups listed below have access to additional products and services not available to the general public. Select the group below to see what additional products and services may be purchased.

OHSU Employee parking rates are separated by wage bracket in a system called Wage Based Daily Reservations. Visit the link to learn more about how this system works and determine your bracket. 

All other employee products and services are NOT determined by wage bracket. If you don't plan to purchase parking, you can thus view any of the Employee rate sheets below to see what products you may purchase.

A complete index of all OHSU Campus Access and Commute Services products and services can be found here:

All products and services.

The complete list includes many products unavailable in most circumstances. View products by customer-type in the sections above.