Parking Validation

Vehicles and people with a work or education affiliation with OHSU must have a permit to park on campus or receive approved coverage. This includes but is not limited to employees, students, contractors, vendors, volunteers, translators, job applicants, student applicants, and people visiting for meetings, classes and lectures.

OHSU is pay to park, 8am to 5pm weekdays for all parking not specifically for a personal healthcare appointment. Certain areas are restricted or pay to park 24/7.

Questions? Please call 503-494-8283 before parking your vehicle.

For personal appointments, parking is free with validation:

South Waterfront: Pull a ticket in the garage. Validate at clinic.

Marquam Hill:


There are three ways to obtain patient parking coverage on Marquam Hill

  • By logging a Patient Parking reservation on MyCommute
  • By emailing
  • By leaving a voicemail at: 503-494-8283.
  • For both email and phone coverage, please provide:
    • Your name
    • License plate
    • Hours of coverage.
    • Reason for coverage (no medical information, please. Stating, "appointment," is generally sufficient.)
    • Coverage is provided at OHSU's discretion.

South Waterfront

Vehicles owned or affiliated with a person who visits OHSU for work or education must validate their parking on campus.

People who are not affiliated with OHSU but share a vehicle that may have this affiliation should validate their parking or have the affiliated person do so.

The vehicle is covered for up to 30 minutes before and after the appointment. If the employee is also performing work or receiving education during the same visit, the vehicle must not be in patient parking for time not specifically intended for the patient visit.

Extended leave

If the person seeking coverage will be a multiday inpatient or on extended leave, such as maternity, all coverage may be provided at once. This service can only be provided if the vehicle will not be intermittently used for work or school during the leave.

People who work at OHSU and must stay later than 8am on weekdays, when parking is pay to park, should call Transportation and Parking (503-494-8283) for coverage before 8am. Before 7am, please leave a message with the license plate, name of person, OHSU email and reason for coverage ("held over" is sufficient for reason).

ONA and AFSCME employees are covered, free, until noon. Employees affiliated with neither union may also be covered but must submit a form of payment at a later time. Pay due balances here.

Scheduled held over

This service covers unscheduled held over incidents only. For scheduled shifts that go past 8am, park in a paystation area and pay for the hours of coverage needed.

For example, if you park at 11pm and are working until 10am, purchase 2 hours when you park and this coverage will roll over to the morning.

If you are using a new or temporary vehicle and are unable to add it directly through your online parking account, call Transportation and Parking at 503-494-8283. Knowing the exact license plate is essential.

More information

Parking validation is also sometimes known as the Do Not Ticket Log.