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Campus Access and Commute Services

OHSU’s Marquam Hill, South Waterfront, and some additional Portland locations are pay to park, weekdays 8am to 5pm for any vehicle not arriving for a personal appointment. Patient Parking is for patients and their personal visitors only.

OHSU is connected by a unique transportation network of trams, streetcars, light rail, bike valet, sky bridges and much more. Campus Access and Commute Services offers many programs and incentives to help you get to campus. Employees who commute to campus can greatly improve their daily commute experience by learning about this transportation network and the variety of resources OHSU offers.

Discover OHSU Employee commute resources here.

Employees (including remote employees) who engage directly with patients, students and other onsite visitors can help ensure people have a positive journey to OHSU by learning and communicating travel information specific to their clinical, academic and other destinations. 

Find transportation information for patients and visitors here.

An OHSU Employee qualifies for the MyCommute program if their primary worksite is within the Transportation Management District of Oregon (the TriMet service area within Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas County). This includes Marquam Hill, South Waterfront, and locations within the Portland metro region.

Non-employees and students with OHSU network access also qualify for MyCommute if their work or academic site is located within the same region.

OHSU Employees who are on OHSU payroll also qualify for Wage Based Daily Parking.

MyCommute rewards on O2.

Learn more about Wage Based Daily Parking on O2.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home via the Luum smartphone app
Ride hail program for MyCommute members' personal emergencies.

Weather resources

The Tram rises over a snowman and snow covered trees
Real time updates and tips for when weather may impact campus access.

Night access

Marquam Hill skybridge at sunset
Resources for commuters traveling in the evening and early morning.