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Campus Access and Commute Services

We understand how important accessibility is to our patients, employees, students and others and we are always striving to improve access to OHSU by providing the best possible solutions and services.

Over 20,000 people access OHSU's central campuses every day. Due to our limited road capacity, we offer a range of incentives to access campus by a variety of modes. OHSU is a unique commute. Ensure your trip is as convenient as possible by seeing our resources for employees, students, and patients.

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Customer Service Centers

Visit either of our locations for a variety of services including badges, keys and transit passes. Note: Most parking permits are purchased onsite at the facility or online.

Explore options for purchasing a parking permit here.

Contact us

By email:
Phone: 503 494-8283
Mail Code: PP22A


Open weekdays
7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closes at 2:15 p.m. on Wednesdays
Closed on OHSU holidays

Marquam Hill

Physical Plant

3310 SW US Veterans Hospital Road
Portland, Oregon 97239

South Waterfront

Rood Family Pavilion

3410 S. Bond Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97239

Report an issue

For issues on and adjacent to campus, see above to contact us.

For off campus issues, one of the below organizations may be able to assist.

Portland Bureau of Transportation

To report a concern involving crosswalks, traffic safety, infrastructure concerns and related issues to the city, contact Portland Department of Transportation.

PDOT Non-Urgent Traffic Safety - submit a form.

Oregon Department of Transportation

To report an issue with the state highways, road hazards, unsafe driver behavior and related issues to the state, contact Oregon Department of Transportation.

ODOT contact information

Portland public transit

To report an issue with transit stops, transit safety and related issues, contact TriMet directly.

TriMet Customer Service: submit a form. 

Google Maps

For issues in Google Maps, your options will vary by device and operating system. On desktop, you can right click and then report a problem. On mobile and desktop, you can select a location and "suggest an edit."

To avoid confusing other visitors, please do not add a missing place on OHSU campus as OHSU has many clinics, departments, providers and facilities. Contact and the team will review and consider how to best help you navigate within Google.

Google provides detailed instructions on reporting an issue here.

Prior to 2022, OHSU Campus Access and Commute Services was called OHSU Transportation and Parking.