Transit, bike and drop off information

for patients

OHSU campuses are part of a world-class transportation network designed to get you to your appointment on time. Thousands of people easily access OHSU every day with the right planning.

TriMet Express to Marquam Hill

OHSU is connected by bus, light rail, streetcar and aerial tram.

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The Tram makes biking to Portland's highest elevation campus no sweat. allows you to: plan your safest, fastest, or flattest route; pair biking with transit; and incorporate bike share. 

Free for anyone, Go By Bike valets at the lower Tram terminal. Outside valet, lock your bike to a bike rack using a U-lock or lock of similar strength.

OHSU has drop off locations for patients. See these locations in Google maps below.

OHSU Hospital

Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Center for Health and Healing

School of Dentistry, South Waterfront

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Portland Aerial Tram

Aerial Tram rises over golden fog
Learn how this unique option can improve your commute.

Accessible options

Accessible ramp to RLSB
Learn about accessible transportation options to OHSU.


picture of part of OHSU campus map
Maps and directions to OHSU campuses.