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Pay Station/Parkmobile Code Program

Marquam Hill Parking Lot

Departments can apply for codes that are valid for daily parking, hourly parking, or both.

An 8 digit code will be issued to your department (for example: 4532JMPB). This code can then be given to whomever you would like to authorize to have parking paid for by the department. They will be valid for pay station hourly parking, Parkmobile daily permits, or both, depending on what the department requests.

All codes are issued for the current fiscal year. New codes will need to be requested each fiscal year. Fiscal authorities associated with existing codes will receive an email before the end of each fiscal year to remind them to request new codes if necessary.

Request Pay Station/Parkmobile Codes here.

Billing and Code Usage

The FAID/Alias you provide when requesting a parking code will be billed on a monthly occurrence for all usage of your code.

You can request a usage report that contains all usage information on the parking codes issued to your department including the code that was used, the value of the parking purchased, and the license plate that was used.

We do not have records of all license plates, so auditing of reports is at the discretion of your department. If you would like to track who is using your code, we recommend that you collect license plates from the authorized users in order to see who is using your code when auditing the usage reports.

Which code should I request?

Pay Station Parking Coupon Codes can be requested for use in any pay station parking area OR restricted to use in one parking facility. Coupon codes can be used in pay station parking area at any time, provided there is an available space in the facility at the time of purchase. We do not allow parking beyond the posted maximum time limit in each area.

All coupon codes will be set up to allow the user to purchase the maximum number of hours allowed in their chosen pay station area – i.e an all day pass. If you do not wish for the user to be allowed to purchase the maximum allowed, you may limit the value of the coupon code. Your guest would be asked to pay the difference, should they try to purchase a pass that is worth more than the value of the coupon.

Example: Department wants to pay for a 4 hour pass for their guest. The coupon value is capped at 4 hours. If the parker wants to park all day, the coupon would discount their pass by the cost of 4 hours of parking and require them to use their credit card to pay for the remaining one hour.

Coupon codes are:

•    Great for last minute guests
•    Do not require advance reservation
•    Do not require you to cancel or update a reservation last minute should your guest’s needs change

Directions to use coupon code for pay station parking:
•    Your guest will need to go to a pay station area, park their vehicle and proceed to the pay station.
•    Your guest then enters their license plate, selects how many hours they would like to park and enters the coupon code when prompted.

Printable coupon code instructions for guests.

Parkmobile Promo Codes can be requested for use in any parking facility listed on the Parkmobile Guest Site on the day of necessary parking. Promo codes can be redeemed at any time in the fiscal year of issuance.

Pay Station Parking Locations

All pay station parking costs $3/hr with a maximum of $15 for a full-day of parking in facilities with no maximum daily parking limit.

Marquam Hill

  • Garage F Yellow Zone (Campus)– 5 hr max; only available until 1 PM
  • Garage C Level 4 only (Sam Jackson) – 3 hr max
  • Lot 40 (Dotter) - no daily time limit

South Waterfront

Marquam Plaza

Lost/Stolen Codes

If you feel that your code has been lost, stolen or used by unauthorized parkers, please contact us at immediately so that we can terminate your code. We can issue you a new code immediately.

We’re sorry, we cannot be responsible for misused or compromised coupon codes.

If you have any other questions about the parking code program, please email the Campus Access and Commute Services office at