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Go By Bike valet at the Tram

OHSU is Portland's most popular biking destination. Below are resources to assist with your journey from finding a bike, trip planning, to parking and earning rewards.

Don't own a bike? Want to upgrade or the flexibility of simply grabbing a bike when and where you need it? Here are some options.

Bike share: Biketown is Portland's bike share system, providing 1,000 electric-assist bikes for one way or roundtrip commuting around the city.

Biketown website

Purchasing a bike: Every kind of bike travels to OHSU each day. Commuter bikes, in particular, are designed for casual urban commutes. E-bikes can assist with riding uphill, long distances and hauling kids and cargo. See the buyer's guide.

Commuter bike information
E-bike information buyer's guide

OHSU provides subsidies for qualified purchase of a bike with an OHSU badge.

Learn more about bike subsidies on O2. 

MyCommute members may join a wait list to borrow an OHSU bike for 30 days for a traditional bike or 14 days for an e-bike. MyCommute Loaner Bike Program includes a bike in your size, equipment, guidance and resources for purchasing a bike at the end of the loan. 

MyCommute Loaner Bike Program
MyCommute website 

Oregon definitions of vehicles permitted in bike lanes and paths 

Register your bike with Project 529 and Bike Index. Registration is the best way to recover your bike if it is lost or stolen. 

The Tram makes biking to Portland's highest elevation campus no sweat.

Our Biking Essentials guide has tips and resources for people biking to OHSU. 

Trimet's trip planner allows you to: plan your safest, fastest, or flattest route; pair biking with transit; and incorporate bike share. Plan a trip with TriMet.

Biking to work or education?  OHSU trip plans provide information on biking compared to other modes, turn by turn directions, and OHSU-specific resources. Request a custom OHSU trip plan

City of Portland resources:
neighborhood bike and walk maps
guide to local laws and safe practices
report street hazards

Free for anyone, Go By Bike valets at the lower Tram terminal. Learn about Portland Aerial Tram here.

Every OHSU garage has bike racks.

People with an OHSU badge can apply for facilities with restricted access by contacting or visiting our customer service.

Intranet information on bike facilities

Campus Access and Commute Services Customer Service hours and locations

A few strategies greatly reduce the chance of being targeted for theft. A rapid response aids recovery.

Bike theft prevention resources

If you have an OHSU login, you may be eligible for cash incentives to bike via MyCommute . Rewards and challenges are announced through the year.

Log into MyCommute

Repair and pump stations are accessible 24/7 at central campus locations. Go by Bike offers tune up, repair and loaner bikes at reasonable rates.

Go By Bike website

Guide to fixing a flat tire.


In addition to the above resources,

Mechanics with Go By Bike are happy to provide practical advice on finding a bike that matches your priorities and budget as well as DIY self repair and maintenance.

Program coordinators with OHSU can answer questions about campus, facilities, incentives and more.

Request a trip plan for turn by turn directions, ETA, related resources and much more.

Biking essentials

Biking at sunrise

A printable brochure of practical tips specific to riding to OHSU including campus resources and local guidance on stop signs, lights, sidewalks and more.

See the brochure here.

OPB - "$1.50-a-day subsidy for cycling to work and free valet parking at the base of the Tram up to OHSU." 

BikePortland - "The single most iconic symbol of Portland's bike culture."

NPR - "It's so lovely to be able to ride up and drop my bike off."

The Atlantic - “North American record for daily bike valet parking. The continent’s most awesome commute.”

Boston Globe - “The right prescription for city cycling.”

Bicycle Transportation Alliance - “A successful, relatively cost-effective incentive program that has produced real results.”

League of American Bicyclists - “A remarkable commitment to bicycling.”

Bike More Challenge - "Most BMC miles biked by any organization ever."

League of American Bicyclists:  Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Business

National Center for Transit Research: Designated Best Workplaces for Commuters

Portland Business Journal: Innovation in Sustainability Award