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Badges and keys

Identification badges

Except for patients and visitors of patients, everyone at OHSU is required to wear identification at all times.

OHSU ID badge requirements

Background check, online Compass training, and a request form completed by your OHSU manager or OHSU sponsor as appropriate are required to obtain an OHSU ID badge.

Learn more about Compass here.

Temporary badges

Forgotten your permanent OHSU ID badge? Obtain a temporary badge at Campus Access and Commute Services. 


If you'd like to request keys, please fill out a key request. For any questions, please contact us.

Request a key

If your department has ordered keys for you to use, you will be notified via your OHSU email when your key(s) are ready to be picked up. Please bring your OHSU ID badge with you. We cannot allow the release of any key(s) without a current OHSU ID badge.

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