Big hand Little HandThe OHSU Department of Pediatrics and Doernbecher Children's Hospital provides many renowned Pediatric Subspecialty training opportunities.  Fellowship training at OHSU provides you with superb clinical training. Our fellowship training programs have a proven track record of developing top-notch physician with expertise in clinical or basic research.  Pediatric Fellows at OHSU are encouraged to take advantage of the rich opportunities provided by the Department of Pediatrics.

Fellowships are available in:

Child Neurology
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Fellowship Training & Oversight
The Department of Pediatrics has an established program to meet the research needs of fellows. Upon entering the research years, each fellow is provided with a Scholarship Oversight Committee, which meets at least twice a year to review research progress. The Pediatric Fellowship committee also oversees fellowship training, and provides us with additional opportunities to foster and monitor the career development of fellows. Opportunities are provided not only in Pediatrics laboratories, but any laboratory at OHSU. Fellows may participate in clinical or basic science research.

In addition the Scholarly Oversight Committee for research, a group of Fellowship Directors and Department Leaders make up a Pediatric Fellowship Committee. This group is available to foster and monitor the career growth of our fellows and provide the richest opportunities that OHSU has to offer. What does this mean? It means that you will have a group of individuals who will work on your behalf to be sure that you get the most out of your fellowship years, and will have been superbly trained at the end of your fellowship.

How to apply?
To learn about the fellowship that interests you, please contact coordinators and directors listed on the right side of each specialty page. All of our programs use the ERAS application system (https://www.aamc.org/services/eras/ ) and the NRMP Match program ( http://www.nrmp.org/ ) to appoint their fellows.

Thank you for your interest!

Joseph Gilhooly

Joseph Gilhooly, M.D.
Professor, Neonatology
Director, Pediatric Fellowships
Chair, Pediatric Fellowship Committee
Email Dr. Gilhooly 
Daniel Marks

Daniel Marks, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Endocrinology
Director, Pediatric Fellowship Research
Email Dr. Marks

Jodi Leonard
Jodi Leonard
Fellowship & Education Manager
Department of Pediatrics
(503) 494-2194