Emergency Medicine Pediatric Fellowship

OHSU and Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel are pleased to offer a Fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Uniting both children's hospitals in Portland in a mission to educate the next generation of pediatric emergency physicians. We welcome your application for fellowship to our program!


The Oregon Health and Science University and Legacy Randall Children's Hospital have been training fellows in Pediatric Emergency Medicine for several years, and we are currently recruiting our next PEM fellow who will begin in July. This partnership in post-graduate education unites both children's hospitals in Portland in a mission to educate our next generation of pediatric emergency physicians.

The Department of Emergency Medicine at OHSU supports additional fellowships in EMS, Toxicology, Research, Administration, Ultrasound and Education. OHSU will serve as the academic and research base of the fellowship. Clinical training will occur primarily at Randall Children's Hospital, a large, busy, urban community hospital with a full spectrum of tertiary pediatric services and subspecialists. The two centers are the only Level I Pediatric Trauma centers in Oregon and SW Washington. Emergency medicine residency training in Pediatric EM already occurs jointly at both institutions.

To illustrate the continued growth of our collaboration, a new effort between Pediatric Emergency Medicine and our colleagues in Emergency Medicine Ultrasound at both OHSU and Legacy Health began in 2015. The OHSU/Randall Children's Hospital PEM Fellowship now features a completely integrated Ultrasound curriculum offering dual certification in both PEM and Emergency Medicine Ultrasound. The goal is to make possible over a two or three year training period the acquisition of ultrasound skills equivalent to those of traditional one year ultrasound fellowship candidates. The unique resources of the PEM Fellowship and its relationship with the OHSU Ultrasound section and Ultrasound educators in the Legacy Health System have allowed us to create this unique opportunity for our fellows. Bedside ultrasound (if not already) will become an indispensable tool for the diagnosis of a wide range of pediatric pathologies as well as a procedural adjunct for vascular access and peripheral nerve blocks. This collaborative arrangement reflects our cross institutional commitment to creating Pediatric Emergency Medicine practitioners with the skills to be forward thinking clinical and academic leaders anywhere in the country.

Operationally fellows seeking dual certification will devote approximately 8 hours a week to image acquisition, didactics and faculty proctored video review. Ultrasound time devoted to bedside image acquisition can be flexibly distributed across the entire span of the fellowship. Dual certification will not be a requirement of the fellowship; however, significant participation in ultrasound-centered didactics will be expected of all fellows.

Our mission is to provide an outstanding clinical, research, educational and administrative experience by leveraging strengths from two partnering institutions and committed faculty. We welcome your application for fellowship from either Emergency Medicine or Pediatric disciplines and encourage all qualified applicants to apply.

Pediatric EM Fellowship Brochure

Fellowship Co-Directors

Peter Auerbach, M.D.

Rob Cloutier, M.D., M.C.R.


Fellowship Program Coordinator:
Arige El-Naser
(503) 494 699

Oregon Health & Science University
Dept. of Emergency Medicine
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Mail Code CDW-EM
Portland, OR 97239-3098