Transit (train, bus, streetcar)

Bus on Campus DriveBeginning August 15, 2016, people with OHSU badges are eligible to receive a $70 annual TriMet pass at distribution events. Find a distribution time and location at Staff News. 

Transit services connecting our campuses include TriMet, Portland Streetcar, C-TRAN, and Portland Aerial Tram.

Plan a trip on TriMet's site or with mobile apps. When planning a trip, include your actual planned arrival time as express lines only appear in your trip at rush hour.

Park and Rides offer free parking 24/7 at over 60 locations around the region for people who want to shorten their ride or live outside the TriMet system.

C-TRAN pass or fare required to board C-TRAN 190. The 190 Marquam Hill Express drops off at Marquam Hill 6:34am to 7:49am and departs Marquam Hill 3:40pm to 5:10pm. Learn more on the Employee blog.

All public transit is ADA accessible.


Public and patient trips:

  • TriMet fare is $5 a day.
  • Streetcar Only fare is $2 for 2.5 hours. TriMet fare is valid on Streetcar but not vice versa.
  • Streetcar at CHHPortland Aerial Tram fare is $4.55 roundtrip. Patient courtesy tickets available at clinics. See the tram page for other valid fare.

OHSU member trips:


Marquam Hill

TriMet Line 8 Jackson Park/NE 15th is frequent service. Weekdays first arrival: 5:52am. Final departure: 12:10am. OHSU Hospital is Stop ID 5028.

Express lines run during the morning and afternoon rush only.

TriMet Line 61 Marquam Hill/Beaverton

TriMet Line 64 Marquam Hill/Tigard

Trimet Line 65 Marquam Hill/Barbur Blvd

TriMet Line 66 Marquam Hill/Hollywood

TriMet Line 68 Marquam Hill/Collins Circle

C-TRAN Express 190

Marquam Hill is also accessible via a five minute ride by tram. See South Waterfront transit connections below.

South Waterfront

Portland Aerial Tram connects South Waterfront to Marquam Hill. In 2015, a new transit bridge, Tilikum Crossing, will provide several new transit options to South Waterfront.

Tilikum Crossing brings new rail, walking and biking connections to OHSU. 

Frequent service to South Waterfront:

Portland Streetcar NS Line

TriMet Line 35 Macadam/Greeley

Trimet Line 36 South Shore

Additional transit lines are accessible via the Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge. The bridge connects from SW Gibbs and Kelly in the Lair Hill Neighborhood to SW Moody and Gibbs at the tram. The following lines are walkable from the Gibbs bridge:

TriMet Line 1 Vermont

TriMet Line 9 Powell Blvd

TriMet Line 17 Holgate/Broadway

TriMet Line 19 Woodstock/Glisan

TriMet Line 38 Boones Ferry Rd

TriMet Line 43 Taylors Ferry Rd

TriMet Line 44 Capitol Hwy/Mocks Crest

TriMet Line 45 Garden Home

West Campus

An OHSU shuttle runs from TriMet's Willow Creek Station to OHSU West Campus every 15 minutes 7am to 9:30am and 4pm to 6:30pm.


Willow Creek is served by:

TriMet Blue MAX Line Hillsboro/Gresham

TriMet Line 52 Farmington/185th

TriMet Line 59 Walker/Park Way

TriMet Line 88 Hart/198th


Satellite Locations

We have over a dozen neighborhood locations around the region accessible by transit. Visit to see TriMet's full system map. For destinations outside the TriMet system, plan a transit trip with

Park and Rides

Don't live near a transit line? Long bus ride to OHSU? Park and rides offer a way to travel by car to a direct bus to OHSU. Parking is free at TriMet Park and Rides 24/7.

Bus lines to OHSU with park and rides on the route

Marquam Hill:

South Waterfront (or walkable to Tram):
See these park and rides, adjacent bus routes, and more information about each parking facility (select the black P icon at top).

Park Ride Map