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New to OHSU? Rethinking your commute? OHSU is one of the busiest and most unique destinations in the region. Planning saves time, money, and peace of mind. See the transportation benefits you qualify for below or as a Commute Rewards brochure

Tram, Streetcar, and Go By BikeTrip plan

Transportation & Parking Customer Service provides badges, keys, transit passes, parking permits, bike facilities and resources to aid your trip. Save our number; you'll need it: 503-494-8283.

Marquam Hill Campus has limited parking due to capacity limits of the hill and access roads. OHSU incentivizes trips that reduce congestion. You can improve access by diversifying your travel choices.

South Waterfront Campus is the most transportation-diverse hub in the nation and a gateway to Marquam Hill via the Tram. An aerial tram, foot bridge, streetcar, bike valet, shuttles, and more share this campus.

Campus Transportation

Portland Aerial Tram       

A 5 minute ride from South Waterfront to Marquam Hill. The Tram operates load-n-go. Free with badge. 

OHSU Shuttle                     

Marquam Hill Shuttle travels downtown every 30 minutes, 7am - 5:15pm. South Waterfront Shuttle runs every 10 minutes, 5:30am-9:30pm. Free with badge. Route and real time arrivals:

MyCommute Rewards

People who travel to OHSU for work and education may be eligible for the MyCommute Program. This program includes rewards such as cash for walking and biking, subsidized transit, guaranteed ride home, a variety of discounts and more.

Traveling to campus

Walking and running

Planning your trip

OHSU's two main campuses are just one mile from downtown Portland and accessible by sidewalks. See all our resources for walking to OHSU at

Commuter rewards

OHSU pays $1.50 a day for eligible walking trips.

Discounts often offers deals on active apparel.


Planning your trip

OHSU is among the most popular biking destinations in any American city. With bike share, you don't need to even own a bike to ride to campus.

You can take the bike lanes up Marquam Hill or save some sweat by biking to Portland Aerial Tram, where valet is offered free to the public. Anywhere outside valet, U-locks are strongly recommended.

Learn more about these services and much more at:

Commuter Rewards

  • OHSU pays $1.50 a day for eligible biking trips.
  • Discounts often offers deals on active apparel.
  • Every May, commuters compete with friendly rivals in the Bike More Challenge for discounts, prizes, and titles. 


Transit (busses, light rail and streetcars)

Planning your trip

OHSU is connected by over a dozen bus lines. The Tram offers a five minute transfer to more lines including, light rail, and streetcar. All Portland public transit is ADA accessible. Park and rides offer free parking at over 60 locations.

Find your best trip by public transit at

Commute rewards

  • For anyone with a badge, OHSU’s TriMet and C-tran transit passes are subsidized up to 95%.
  • Streetcar is free with a badge. 
  • Log trips on MyCommute to earn badges and rewards.
  • Car share and ride share

    Split the cost by sharing a ride.

    Planning a trip

    Dynamic carpools

    Scoop schedules an efficient ride based on your needs and helps riders and drivers better split the cost. Only take the trips you need. Learn more at

    Car share

    Midday errand or meeting that requires a car? Leave your car at home by taking advantage of these services.

  • Zipcar: Reserve personally or through your department on-and-off campus for round trips.
  • Getaround: Rent out your own vehicle or borrow a colleague’s.
  • Car2Go: Drive one way trips within the home area.
  • Ride hail by mobile app:

  • Lyft: private driver. Lyft Line carpool available along popular routes at popular times at Lyft's discretion.
  • Uber: private driver. Uber Pool carpool available along popular routes at popular times at Uber's discretion.
  • Learn more about sharing a ride to OHSU at


    Over a thousand employees carpool. Join any active permit or split a day pass. DriveLessConnect connects hundreds in OHSU’s network by matching routes and work schedules.

    Rates vary.


    Driving and parking

    OHSU has many buildings and types of parking. We strongly recommend reviewing a map and reviewing options before driving to Marquam Hill.

    Everyone parking on OHSU campus for work or education is required to purchase a permit, 8am to 5pm, weekdays (some facilities have additional restrictions). Patient parking is strictly reserved for patients and their personal visitors.

    Validate your patient parking at South Waterfront at the onsite ticket machine. Validate your patient parking on Marquam Hill by calling 503-494-8283.

    Daily and hourly parking are purchased online or at onsite paystations. Due to a City cap on parking, OHSU does not directly control supply or demand; annual permits are thus very limited. Parking is free at over 60 park and rides around the region.

    Learn more about driving to OHSU at


    MyCommute Program eligibility

    Eligible participants must be traveling to a work site in the Tri-County Metropolitan District of Oregon (see the TriMet system map) and must have an OHSU network login and active OHSU badge. This access is provided at the discretion of the sponsoring department; not Transportation and Parking.