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Electric vehicle parking

Electric vehicle parking area

Electric vehicle charging stations allow customers to park and charge their cars. Vehicles occupying these spaces must be an electric car or other vehicle capable of using the charging station.  

All charging locations are limited to a 4-hour maximum at all times of the day (including nights and weekends). 

Charging a vehicle on campus


Types of chargers on campus

Charging a vehicle at OHSU

Charging stations do not charge the user. To initiate the charge, most charges can just be plugged into the vehicle.

ChargePoint stations in Garage F require an extra step. Usage instructions

Parking an electric vehicle on campus

Parking for patients and patient visitors

Parking for patients and patient visitors is always free at OHSU. All charging locations are limited to a 4 hour maximum at all times of day (including nights and weekends). 

Parking for work and school

A valid virtual permit is required to park in a spot with an electric vehicle charging station. Vehicles must be parked in the correct permitted location before and after charging. 

To secure a permit, visit


Marquam Hill

Parking Garage F

South Waterfront

Center for Health and Healing Garage

CHH is patient and patient-visitor only

Facility location and information

Level P1, 4 stations; Level P3, 3 stations

Robertson Life Sciences Building Garage

Types of chargers on campus

Clipper Creek

Clipper Creek electric vehicle charging station
HCS-40, 32 amp

  • Plug the charge coupler firmly into the vehicle's charge port.
  • The green charging light on the face of the HCS will turn on within a few seconds and the charging cycle will begin.
  • When the vehicle has stopped charging, the green charging light will turn off.

Device instruction manual


Electric vehicle charging station
620 Series, 30 amp

  • Station will appear blue if available.
  • Plug the charge coupler firmly into the vehicle's charge port.
  • The blue light will change to a blinking green once charging begins.
  • If the light turns to a solid green while in use, this means the battery has reached full capacity.

Device instruction manual

Leviton ChargePoint

Chargepoint electric vehicle charging station
Model: CTVCN-30, 30 amp

  • There are two ways to initiate a charging session: Swipe a charge card or use the ChargePoint mobile app.
  • To use the ChargePoint app, download the app tand create a profile. Once this is created, the user can select the correct nearby station via the in-app mapping system, and then select the "Start Charge" button.
  • Charge cards are often distributed to EV owners at the time of purchase, but can also be ordered through, should an EV owner need/want a new one.

Device instruction manual