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3030 Moody Building

Located at South Waterfront campus one block north of Portland Aerial Tram and Center for Health and Healing and one block south of Tilikum Crossing and Robertson Life Sciences Building.

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3030 Moody Building


3030 S. Moody Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201


Parking for automobiles and bikes is located in the lot behind the building.

Parking requires a permit.
ADA parking is located onsite.
Onsite hourly and daily pay stations.
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Explore offsite free parking facilities.

Driving directions

From the south via I-5

  1. Take exit 299B, a left-side exit (signed “City Center/S Waterfront”).
  2. Bear left again (signed “City Center/S Waterfront”) as the exit splits.
  3. Turn right onto S. River Parkway (at the first traffic signal).
  4. Turn right onto S. Moody.
  5. The building will be on your left.

From the south via S. Macadam or Sellwood Bridge

  1. Travel north on S. Macadam.
  2. Turn right onto S. Curry.
  3. Turn left onto S. Moody.
  4. The building will be on your right.

From the west via Hwy 26

  1. Pass through the Vista Tunnel and stay in the center lane to exit onto S. Market Street.
  2. Stay on Market Street.
  3. Cross over Naito Parkway onto S. Harbor Drive.
  4. At the second light, turn left onto S. Harrison.
  5. Turn right onto S. Moody.
  6. The building will be on your left.

From north or northeast via I-5

  1. As you cross the river on the Marquam Bridge, stay in the far right lane.
  2. Take exit 299A to 43/Lake Oswego/Macadam. As you exit, move to the middle lane.
  3. Follow the signs to “South Waterfront.” As the road curves to the left, stay to the left.
  4. At the light, turn left onto S. Macadam.
  5. Turn right onto S. Curry.
  6. Turn left onto S. Moody.
  7. The building will be on your right.

From the north via I-405

  1. Follow signs for I-405 (Salem/The Dalles.)
  2. Take Exit 1C (S. 6th Ave.)
  3. Stay in left lane and follow signs for 6th Ave./City Center/Auditorium.
  4. Turn left onto S. 6th Ave .
  5. Turn right onto S. Harrison.
  6. Cross over S. Naito Parkway.
  7. Turn right onto S. Moody Ave. 
  8. The building will be on your left.

From the east via Hwy 26

  1. Travel onto Ross Island Bridge.
  2. Use the right lane to merge onto OR-43 S/S Hood Ave (signed "Salem/Lake Oswego/I-5 S").
  3. Follow signs for OR-43 S.
  4. Move to the middle lane (signs for South Waterfront).
  5. Turn left onto S Macadam Ave.
  6. Turn right onto S Curry St.
  7. Turn left onto S Bond Ave.
  8. Turn left onto SW Whitaker St. to enter the parking garage.