Diversity and Inclusion

The OHSU Psychiatry Residency Program welcomes trainees from all ethnicities, races, genders, gender identities, abilities, ages, sexual orientations, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We honor diversity and inclusion, and are committed to enhancing our training program by recruiting individuals from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in medicine. We are also invested in being leaders in providing culturally sensitive care to our patients. 

In addition to the diversity and inclusion initiatives within the Department of Psychiatry, OHSU is home to the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI), which leads and supports the university-wide creation of an inclusive care environment. The CDI "strives to build a vibrant environment, where the power of difference maximizes true potential for innovation, collaboration, and educational and service excellence."

To mirror our commitment to diversity, we provide residents with a wide range of clinical training sites for their PGY3 and PGY4 electives, where they can learn about providing culturally sensitive care for patients. Below is a list of examples of potential elective clinics that specialize in mental health services for diverse patient populations:

Diversity-Focused Didactics

Here are some examples of some topics we cover one of our three categories of didactics - community, child, and general:

•Clinical Care for African-American Patients

•Cross-Cultural Aspects of Psychological Trauma

•Culture and Child Psychiatry

•Culture in General Psychiatry/DSM Cultural Formulation

•Diagnosis and Treatment of Latino Patients

•Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients from East and Southeast Asia

•Gender Identity: Questioning the Binary

•Gender and Sexuality for Children and Adolescents

•How Culture Impacts the Doctor/Patient Relationship and Professional Identity

•Occupational Therapy with Children with Mental Health Disruptions

•Pharmacotherapy of Children with Developmental Disabilities

•Speech Language Disorders

•Working with Interpreters

Diversity-Focused Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Below are some examples of diversity-focused psychiatry grand rounds from the last few of years. Click here to learn more about our upcoming and previous grand rounds, and click here to watch them.

•Amerasians, Born of War: the long term effects of America's neglect of its children

•Bhutan, Refugees, and the Benefits of Diversity

•Combat Psychiatry in Afghanistan

•Consultation with Clergy

•Developing Clinical Competence in Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and/or Questioning (LGBQ) Patient

•Exploring the Psychologival Impacts of Racism

•Exploring the Psychological Impacts of Racism: Part II

•Haunted Souls: Immigrants Fleeing Persecution and Children Separated From Their Parents

•Hidden Pictures - Stigma and Hope in Global Mental Health

•Incorporating Culture into Clinical Conceptualizations

•Lets Talk: Racial Awareness and Responsibility in Psychiatry

•Mental Health Care for Elderly Refugees and Immigrants

•Politics, Policy and Cultural Identity: Challenges Faced by Immigrants Psychologically

•Problem Gambling and Depression in Asian Pacific Americans

•Promoting Gender Equity and Success in Academic Medicine

•Psychological Effects of Demographic Gender Representation

•Substance Use Disorders and Mental Illness Amongst LGBTQ

•Teaching Child Psychiatry In Ukraine

•The Healing Power of Peers in Cultural Communities

•Transgender Awareness in the Healthcare Environment

•Understanding and Working Effectively With Transgender Patients

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