About Portland

Where do trainees live?

Our residents and fellows are spread throughout the city and even into the suburbs. Portland has so many great neighborhoods with relatively easy access to Marquam Hill and OHSU, which is located in the SW quadrant of the city. We use a variety of methods to get to work:

  • Car
  • Light Rail
  • Street Car
  • Aerial Tram
  • Bike
  • Bus

Here are some of our more popular neighborhoods for our trainees:

A breakdown of popular neighborhoods for our trainees based on Portland quadrants
This image reflects neighborhoods in each of the five "quadrants" of Portland that are popular with our trainees.

What do trainees do in their spare time around Portland and Oregon?

There's a reason that Oregon is one of the most popular states to move to in the last few years. Portland is on the smaller end of big cities, but big enough to have access to everything you need. We are well known for our outdoor activities! Both the beach and the mountain are less than 1.5 hours away. Whether it's biking, hiking, windsurfing, snowboarding, camping, or anything else outside, we've got it all.

We have also become known for our food and drinks. Not only do we have delicious food carts all over the city to try in addition to our restaurants, there are numerous farmers markets around town all year that our trainees frequent. 

Doesn't it rain a lot there?

Sure, the Northwest is known for its precipitation. But did you know we are not the rainiest city in the country? In fact, no major NW city is in the top 15 for most precipitation in the US! The difference, however, is that our rain is a light drizzle for more days out of the year as opposed to heavy rain on fewer days out of the year as well as  more cloudy days. This means less sunshine in the winter than you may be used to. 

While deciding where you'd like to train you should definitely consider weather, so we are hoping to make sure you understand what it's really like. Our rain is usually light enough that it doesn't stop many from their daily activities. Note that while the winters may seem like a turn-off, they make the summers amazing!