What makes our program unique?

The Clinical Psychology PhD program provides students with an in-depth focus on the following key areas:

  1. Health psychology is the study and use of psychological methods to improve physical health and address physical disease in children and adults. This area closely overlaps with what is also referred to as behavioral health.
  2. The neuroscience of mental health disorders, entails the study of brain structure, function, and connectivity that is associated with mental health conditions.
  3. Implementation science emphasizes training in the development, implementation, and evaluation of behavioral and psychological interventions for mental disorders and behavioral health problems.

Thus, our graduates will have a complement of skills that bridge and unite health psychology, neuroscience, and implementation science. 

Meet the program director

Dr. Leeza Maron

Dr. Leeza Maron is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry, licensed clinical psychologist  (specializing in neuropsychology) and certified forensic examiner by the Oregon Health Authority. She directs the Adult Neuropsychology Clinic in the OHSU Department of Psychiatry, which provides comprehensive clinical and forensic neuropsychological evaluations of adults with suspected neurocognitive disorders. The clinic has been a training site for many students and interns over the years. Dr. Maron additionally serves as the Associate Director of the OHSU Psychology Division. Her research interests involve the development and implementation of new neuropsychological paradigms to study executive dysfunction and attentional failures in those with ADHD and other psychiatric disorders.