Upcoming Information Sessions

Monday, August 19, 2019
12:00 - 1:00pm
Vey Conference Center Auditorium (11th floor), Doernbecher Children's Hospital

What makes our program unique?

The Clinical Psychology PhD program provides students with an in-depth focus on the following key areas:

  1. Health psychology is the study and use of psychological methods to improve physical health and address physical disease in children and adults. This area closely overlaps with what is also referred to as behavioral health.
  2. The neuroscience of mental health disorders, entails the study of brain structure, function, and connectivity that is associated with mental health conditions.
  3. Implementation science emphasizes training in the development, implementation, and evaluation of behavioral and psychological interventions in clinical trials for mental disorders and behavioral health problems.

Thus, our graduates will have a complement of skills that bridge and unite health psychology, neuroscience, and clinical trials. 

Meet the program director

Dr. Sarah Feldstein Ewing

Dr. Feldstein Ewing is a licensed clinical child psychologist with over a decade of experience utilizing a variety of evidence-based approaches to prevent and intervene with adolescent health risk behavior, including alcohol use, cannabis use, and HIV/AIDS risk behavior. At this time, her lab has enrolled over 1000 unique youth within large-scale clinical trials to evaluate the developmental fit and treatment outcomes for motivational interviewing, behavioral skills training, cognitive behavioral approaches, mindfulness and contingency management. She has published widely regarding the developmental fit, neurocognitive mechanisms, gender differences, and cross-cultural adaptation of these prevention and intervention approaches for this developmental stage.

Read more about Dr. Feldstein Ewing's current research.