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To ensure that OHSU recruits and retains diverse students, faculty and staff, efforts must be intentional and focused. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion works with OHSU schools, academic programs and units to provide support for all students. OHSU is home to local chapters of distinguished national student organizations and other diverse student interest groups. Below is a list of diverse campus groups, and you can find more general information about student interest groups here.

We are committed to bringing awareness of the diverse experiences of students with disabilities and advocating for equal access for all students at OHSU by: 

  • Supporting OHSU students along their journeys to their desired profession. 
  • Advocating for learning, testing, and clinical accommodations, both at OHSU and for national examinations.
  • Campaigning for the basic everyday educational needs of all students, current and future.
  • Providing a central forum to discuss accessibility difficulties and collaboratively envision solutions.
2022-2023 Accessible OHSU Leaders

The mission of the Alliance for Visible Diversity in Science (AVDS) is to increase visible diversity within graduate programs at OHSU. The group focuses on recruiting, retaining and supporting graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, staff, and faculty members from underrepresented backgrounds.

2022-2023 AVDS Board Members

The Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) is an organization of Asian and Pacific Islander medical students committed to raising awareness of health challenges in Asian and Pacific Islander communities through education, outreach, advocacy, and service. The group is interested in both directly promoting the health and well-being of our communities as well as helping current and future health care workers who work with these populations to understand how to care for patients in a culturally-sensitive manner.

This is a student organization representing Native American graduate health professions students throughout the US and Canada. The goals of ANAMS include providing support and a resource network for all Native Americans currently enrolled in various allied health professions schools.  Members strive to increase the number of Native American students in medicine and other health professions.

2022-2023 Association of Native American Medical Students Leaders

Values: Uphold nursing ethical principles, including veracity/truth, leadership, community, networking creating resources and mentorship, outreach and representation.

Mission statement:

The Black Student Nurses Umoja (BSNU) of OHSU mission is to provide community for Black and African American diaspora identified students within the OHSU School of Nursing undergraduate and graduate programs. BSNU's aim is to create space where truth and respect is upheld within its members. Provide a safe and brave environment to discuss issues that affect the Black/African American community within OHSU and Oregon. Advocate for student experiences and uphold anti-racist culture within higher education and the nursing profession. Connect and network within the profession and grow in professional development while contributing to URM pathways programs. BSNU also commits to celebrating Black/African American excellence, culture, and history.

2022-2023 BNSU Officers

President - Anna Abel

Vice President - Shiko "Linda" Muthandi

Recruitment and Networking - Debra Bridges-Rhodes

Diversity Representative, Portland - Terrisa Gardner

Diversity Representative, Ashland -Kofi Nunes

Diversity Representative, La Grande - Joseph O'Brien

The group was formed to promote the improvement of Spanish speaking skills to current dental students in order to best provide treatment and understanding to our Hispanic population at OHSU School of Dentistry. The group also provides opportunities for community outreach in local predominantly Spanish-speaking schools.

Note: This group hasn't been active since the 2019-20 academic year.

Mission statement

The mission of the Immigrant Community at OHSU is to foster common ground, regardless of background, where members can listen to and share origin stories, find new ways to connect to their culture and minimize the hours of the day that we feel “othered”. IC at OHSU is open to students, residents, attendings, employees, and allies. IC at OHSU is an environment where immigrants and first-generation immigrants can come together to find community, solidarity, and intersectionality. IC at OHSU strives to expand the resources available to the OHSU community to help foster a sense of belonging to all members of many different ethnic backgrounds.

2022-2023 Immigrant Community Leaders

The Jewish Student Association is an organization dedicated to celebrating Jewish culture and spreading awareness of Jewish tradition throughout OHSU's student population. The mission is to create a space for students of Jewish background and interested OHSU community members to gather and observe traditions together.

2022-2023 Jewish Student Association Officers

The mission of the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is to recruit and support future healthcare professionals who strive to improve the access and delivery of healthcare to Latinos and medically under-served populations, by forming sustainable relationships with our local community and increasing diversity within the healthcare education system.

2022-2023 LMSA Officers


Operations Managers:

Financial Manager:

Community Relations Managers:

Events Manager:

Mentorship Managers:

To promote, support and provide mentorship to the Latinx/Hispanic student community, both current and aspiring, through storytelling, resource sharing, cultural celebrations and peer support. We are committed to improving the visibility and accessibility of bicultural-bilingual providers by forming sustainable relationships with our local community and increasing diversity within the healthcare educational system. We welcome all LATINX students regardless of spoken language. Contact LANSA.

2022-2023 LANSA Leaders

The Middle Eastern and South Asian Association (MESAA) allows students across all OHSU healthcare programs and ethnic backgrounds to gain exposure to the cultures of the Middle East and South Asia. MESAA is committed to promoting cultural competency and networking as a platform for career development in healthcare. Opportunities to spread awareness of diversity include social, educational and community service events.

2022-2023 MESAA Contacts

The group strives to create a supportive and inclusive community for Muslim students and provide educational experiences to strengthen our own faith. Members seek to engage the entire campus community and empower Muslim students to develop leadership skills by representing the faith on campus. It is open to students, residents and staff. Activities include Friday prayers, holiday celebrations, lectures and community service.

2022-2023 Muslim Community Contacts

The Student Diversity Committee aims to serve as an umbrella organization among all of the schools to help promote diversity in student and academic life. The committee is made up of students who are interested in broadening our understanding of diversity in order to become better health care professionals and researchers. Students aim to serve and foster a more inclusive environment and a tighter knit community within OHSU. For more information, email

Mission of being committed to diversifying the Physician Assistant profession by: Support pre-PA students and promoting the PA profession. Advocate and be a contributor to anti-racist education within the OHSU campus and collaborating with the surrounding community. Promote diversity, equity, inclusion and access to for all under-represented minorities PA students at OHSU and aspiring PA candidates across the nation. Center the voices, experiences and knowledge of a diverse student body.

2022-2023 PaDiM Contacts

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is a national student-led organization that was founded in 1964 as a subdivision of the National Medical Association. The SNMA has been dedicated to "ensuring medical education services are culturally sensitive as well as increasing the number of minority students entering and completing medical school." SNMA accomplishes its missions and goals by focusing on three core areas: community outreach, pipe-line programs and medical education.

2022-2023 SNMA Contacts

SACNAS is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM.

2022-2023 SACNAS Contacts

The group's mission is to provide safe, validating and inclusive health care and working environments at OHSU through education and advocacy.  Students for LGBTQ Health implements educational trainings, participates in community volunteer events and holds social gatherings and visibility campaigns. This group welcomes current and future health care professionals, gender and sexual minorities and allies.

2022-2023 Queer Health Alliance Contacts
Second-Year Medical School Leads:                                                                                                                                                                                                   

QHA Leads include: